How to Make A Healthy Cup of French Press Coffee

A morning cup of coffee is so much more than just a beverage. It wakes you up, gets you moving, and perks up your senses. Often, that first sip is the most enjoyable sip of the day. By using a French press, you can make an amazing cup of coffee.

Having a delicious cup of coffee is a morning ritual that many people begin their day with all over the world. There are different ways you can make coffee, but using a French press has many great benefits. It is easy to make and healthy.

Here is what you need to know about making French press coffee.

What Are the Benefits of Using a French Press?

There are so many benefits to using a French press to make your cup of coffee. Here are a few of them:

  • No filters
  • Full flavor with steeping
  • No impurities
  • Perfect temperature

Since a French press doesn’t use paper filters, the coffee will have a complete and full taste. When papers are used as filters, they can take out the flavor and oils, leaving you with a bland cup of coffee. The coffee also comes out nicely steeped with great flavor because the grounds are steeped inside the filter of the press.

Another great benefit of using a French press is that the coffee is the perfect temperature when it is finished.

When using a drip machine, it is possible that the machinery causes impurities to get in your coffee. This is also true when using commercialized coffee grounds.

The problem with a drip machine is that the water is quickly heated up and then it cools down, so you often have to warm it up in the microwave or wait until it has cooled down.

A French press will give you a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee that is a balanced temperature.

What You Need To Make a Healthy Cup

When making French press coffee, you will need a few things to make a delicious brew:

  • Whole coffee beans
  • Cold filtered water
  • A grinder
  • Measuring cups
  • The press

A few important tips to follow are to buy the beans whole and grind them. By grinding them while still at the store, the grounds may lose their flavor.

Be sure to find organic, fresh, and locally roasted coffee beans.

On average, the coffee will taste best when the beans were roasted 1-3 days before. If they are over three days old, the cup may not taste as fresh.

Be sure to never store coffee beans in the refrigerator because they will soak up any smell and will not taste right in your coffee.

The Process

When you are ready to make your French press coffee, start with grinding the coffee beans in your grinder. Remember to measure the beans before grinding. For example, for each cup of water, you should use about two tablespoons of whole beans.

After grinding the beans, set them aside. Since the majority of coffee is water, it is important to use good tasting filtered water for the best result.

While warming up the water, aim for about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is too much hotter than that, you will burn the coffee. If it is too much colder than that, you may not get the full flavor. Finding the right balance is key when using a French press.

Once you have the right temperature, put the coffee grounds in the bottom of the press, and then pour on about 1/3 of the water.

After allowing it to sit for no more than 30 seconds, you can give it a stir and then pour the remaining water.

Next, you will have to put on the lid and make sure it is sealed; so the coffee can steep without any interruption.

Let it brew for about 4-6 minutes, depending on how strong you enjoy your coffee. It might be best to set a timer, so you don’t lose track of time. Let out the pressure by pushing the plunger down gently, careful not to spill.

Now you are ready to drink up! If there is extra coffee left, put it in a Thermos or another mug as it will continue to brew if left in the French press.

To Sum It Up

Using a French press might seem like a process, but it is an easy one to get used to. By making your coffee this way, it is so worth it. The taste of a cup of coffee made in a French press is superior to coffee made by a drip machine. You will notice the difference right away. It also has great health benefits and will be a great start to your day.


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