How many of you are guilty of wearing makeup only during Zoom meetings? Since the pandemic, virtually every business entity has been affected. The global economy crashed, buildings were vacated, employees laid off, and those lucky enough, forced to work from home. We even had to rethink how we workout and how to socialize. The global beauty industry suffered a great deal, with many salons and spas shutting their doors to observe strict COVID guidelines.

The Era of Face Masks

It was not long after the lockdowns that most people started to notice their dull routines and unkempt appearances. This forced them to spring to action, reinventing styles that have been trending on social media.

All of a sudden, we were all required to cover our bottom half face with face masks to minimize chances of catching the dreaded coronavirus. Despite that, beauty influencers were not deterred – they shifted their focus to the upper half of the face. If you’ve been following social media lately, you must have noticed bold eye and makeup looks gaining traction.

For some, the pandemic era has made them reconsider how they take care of their bodies. More and more people are focused on adorning their eyes with false eyelashes. Top retailers Primark and Superdrug reported a significant growth in the eyelash category since June.


While we need makeup to define our features and look presentable in Zoom calls, more people have adopted the “less is more” mindset. And experts are saying that their skins are breathing way better and becoming healthier. Dermatologists are reporting fewer acne and cosmetic-related flare-ups. Hair and scalp specialists say that their clients who have put a pause on chemical treatments are noticing healthier, shinier looks. While the use of makeups is not going to stop anytime soon, there has been a slight change on the types of products people use and the frequency of applying makeup.


PPE face masks have been trending this season. But, there’s also a spike in the popularity of masks that boost complexion. Most women have improvised their beauty routines and are experimenting with homemade face masks to improve their skin. Peel-off or wash-off mask usage, according to the research by Mintel, has risen from 25 percent to 32 percent in the last few months. Sheet face mask use has also increased to 22 percent from 15 percent. Both young and old people have become keener on their skins, with 62 percent of people aged between 16 and 24 reporting that they have used at least one skincare mask in the last 12 months.


The sale of fragrances has dropped for many retailers. What’s the point of investing in exquisite perfumes if you barely get out of the house? However, shoppers have been up to something else – sleep scents. The current health crisis has hit everyone where it hurts most – loss of jobs and income. Without a source of income, the stress levels have been rising, causing sleep deprivation. To help remedy this, people have decided to try out certain scents to help soothe, calm, and relax them to find good quality sleep. These scents, mostly, lavender and chamomile, are infused in pillows and are known to calm the mind, promoting better sleep.


Now that people have more time on their hands due to lockdowns, they have taken skincare more seriously. Women have now turned to cleanse regimens, with beauty products companies reporting an increase in the sale of cleansing products. Face wash is now a routine, and it’s becoming evident that quality of skin has been improving, thanks to makeup-free lifestyle. According to research by Mintel, the popularity of face wash products has risen to 55 percent from 50 percent, toner is up from 25 percent to 31 percent, and micellar water has jumped from 25 percent to 29 percent. Beauty enthusiasts who used to visit their facialists every once in a while have adopted a new routine – deep cleansing and skin moisturizing. Yangee Park, the co-founder of Rael, says that every three to four days, she uses a mild exfoliator that contains papain to remove dead skins. She then puts a lot of serum and cream that contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. In the evening, she rotates between using Moisture Melt Snowball to boost hydration and puts on a sheet mask before retiring to bed.

Clear, Healthier Skin

People who haven’t had an episode of acne since they stopped using makeup are now paying more attention to their skin. It’s slowly becoming clear that a cleaner, easier beauty regimen is more favorable. It’s normal to want to smell nice and look a certain way. However, the more chemicals we use on our faces and hair, the more risk of getting skin conditions like dermatitis or other allergic reactions. Right now, we should focus on keeping our skin hydrated, cleansed, and protected from the sun. Those who couldn’t do without a coat of polish on their fingers and toes are now realizing that naked nails are healthier and don’t look as bad. While the regular polish isn’t harmful, the chemicals used to remove gel nails can be abrasive and damaging, causing them to weaken and break more easily. Now, lockdowns have been lifted in many regions, leading to the reopening of salons and spas. And even though people have started to venture out of their homes, beauty routines may never be the same again. Self-care regimens have now become the new normal, and people are now more careful about what they apply to their bodies.

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