You expect expiration dates on food and drink but you also get them on other items found in the house. Stuff like sunscreen and bleach lose their effectiveness after a certain period so they have expiration dates. If you buy sunscreen that doesn’t have an expiry date, figure on using it for three years before it loses its effectiveness. Insect repellents also have expiration dates, even though the federal government doesn’t mandate them for this type of product. They typically last three years. Household items that contain hydrogen peroxide like toothpaste have expiration dates, although they tend to last for around 18 months to two years.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The National Fire Protection Association dictates that smoke alarms need to be installed in every sleeping room, although larger homes require more under these guidelines. Over the years, smoke detectors have made a major difference in reducing deaths and injuries, but they’re only effective for a certain period of time. It’s recommended that you change them every ten years. Your carbon monoxide detectors need changing more frequently. You’ll either see an expiration date or a built-on date on the back. If your detector has a built-on date, exchange it once it’s seven years old.

Car Seats

Car seats are designed to outlive their usefulness for one child but if you have a few kids, your seat might reach its expiry date while you’re still in need of it. All manufacturers give their car seats and booster seats expiration dates. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they typically last between six and nine years. Britax seats expire after six years, which is the same for Chicco, Evenflo, Recaro, and Cosco seats. Graco seats last seven years, while Diono, Evenflo Symphony, and Safety 1st seats are good for eight years. Evenflo SafeMax and Maxi-Cosi seats last 10 years.

Surge Protectors

Did you realize that surge protectors only last a certain amount of time? If you’ve bought one with a warning light, you’ll get a notification when the surge protector is passed its usefulness. They aren’t designed to last a certain time span, they are built to take a set number of joules. As that’s impossible to work out, as a guide you should replace your surge protector every two years.

Bike Helmets

Bike helmets are essential safety kit that needs replacing every three to five years. Even if you don’t damage your helmet, it will degrade to a point where it’ll stop being effective. If your helmet’s damaged in any way before this time, replace it immediately. Even if you never have an accident, it could still be damaged through use. You might find cracks developing around the vents due to prolonged exposure to the sun. If you find anything like that, replace the helmet.

Pillows and Slipper

Did you realize that the pillows on your bed have an expiration date? We need to change them every three years because they become a home for dust mites. They also lose shape over time so an old pillow can cause neck pain. While slipper won’t wear out as your shoes do, they also need replacing from time to time. They need to be thoroughly washed or replaced every six months as they’re a great environment for fungal infections to grow.


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