A Holistic Approach to Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cats are like family members. They are always there when we need a friend, keep our feet warm, and make us happy with their cute and sometimes peculiar behavior. They are very interesting creatures and usually do a great job taking care of themselves. While they require little care day-to-day, they do need to be loved.

Often time, when I get into bed, my cat will come up and talk like I haven’t seen her all day. She wants love and companionship. In addition, to attention, food, and a clean litter box, cats also need to be kept healthy.

It has taken us, humans, some time to realize that cats need to be kept healthy holistically. There are three very important aspects of keeping your cat healthy. They include diet, environment, and healthcare.


Just as a healthy diet is vital for humans, it is just as important for cats. If you think about a cat in the wild, you are probably thinking about a tiger or lion, which both eat meat. Cats are carnivores, but since humans have domesticated cats, their diet has changed. While their diets have changed, it is not necessarily a change for the better.

The pet food industry tricks you into thinking they are giving your cat the best diet, but it is just the opposite. Pet food that you feed your cat could actually be the most likely cause for diseases such as kidney, liver, or heart disease, which usually happen as the cats get older.

Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry cares about one thing: money. They do not care about the health of your cat. After researching the pet food industry, it could make one sick. As I was reading up on it with my cat sitting next to me, I felt awful for what I had been feeding her. Cat food is not made of great products and nutrients. Instead, most of the “meat” comes from a rendering plant. This means that all the leftover parts of animals are brought to the plant to mush together.

Not only are the leftover parts brought, but sometimes even the bodies of dead farm animals or domestic animals are also included in this meat product. When the “meat” is sent to the pet food company, the rendering plant does not necessarily need to include the whole list of what has been included. This is also the reason for many recalls due to salmonella and other diseases.

So What Do We Feed Our Cats?

It seems as if lately, there has been a concentration on raw food diets for dogs, but not as much concentration has been put on a cat’s diet. This kind of diet can be ideal for cats as well since wild cats have the same food diet. Cats should be eating fresh and clean raw meat. If your cat prefers it to be a bit cooked, that could work as well.

The natural food that you feed cats will help them to stay healthy and give them more energy so they can live a longer and happier life.

Environmental Factors

As I said before, cats are interesting animals. You may have an indoor or an outdoor cat. Either way, cats have some peculiar behaviors that should be taken into consideration to live a happier life. For one, it is important to make sure cats are not taken away from their mothers too soon. In the wild, kittens will stay with their mothers for about a year to learn how to hunt, live, and protect themselves.

Since cats are so cute and easy to sell at a young age, they are usually taken away from their mother within weeks. This can really affect a cat’s life as they grieve their mother long after she is gone. There are certain ways to tell if your cat is happy. Cuddling with you, purring, kneading and being playful are a few of the ways you can tell that your cat is feeling good.

If you aren’t noticing these things, then you should probably consider the environment, diet, and health care and make some changes.

Cats need the sun for vitamin D. While not all pet cats go outdoors, it is important for your cat to have access to natural sunlight. This can be in the form of an open window or even an enclosed play area outside so they don’t run away but still get what they need. Cats are also sensitive to sounds, so it is important that their environment is not too noisy. This can cause them stress and unhappiness.

Also, keep in mind that most cleaners you use can be toxic. If you want to keep your cat healthy, consider using vinegar or baking soda, which is natural and less harmful to their health. Cats should also get fresh air either through an open window or the enclosed outside area.

Lastly, cats need attention. A bored cat is an unhealthy cat. If you notice your cat showing neurotic behavior such as incessant licking, then they need more attention. Toys are not enough. They long for your love.

Holistic Health Care

As humans, we tend to put a lot of time and energy into our own health care. We don’t always consider doing this for our pets, but it can be truly beneficial to our cats. A holistic veterinarian will look at your cat’s whole life to see what changes can be made for a healthier pet. Holistic doctors do not just treat diseases when they happen, but they do their best to prevent diseases from surfacing.

If you have an older cat who is already suffering from a disease or difficulty, consider homeopathic medicine instead of pills, which can be just as harmful as helpful. Acupuncture has been a proven method for treating urinary diseases, kidney failure, and even relieve the pain of arthritis.

It can help slow the progression of the disease and ease pain. You can also consult a holistic vet to find alternatives to vaccinations, which can also make some cats sick.

If you want your cat to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, you should consider these holistic approaches to keeping them around for a long time and improving quality of life. Pets are like your children, and wouldn’t you want the best for them?


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