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Herbs for Pets is a comprehensive resource for herb gardeners who want their beloved pets to benefit from the nutrition of herbs. You can use this book to determine which herbs in your yard are pet-safe, as well as what can be used to holistically heal your pet.

This book provides an extensive amount of information on many herbs, and lists the ones that are pet-safe. However, it lacks some of the more obvious pet-safe herbs, so be aware that there are others out there.

Herbs for Pets: Tips, Tricks & Helpful Suggestions

Herbs for Pets | Book ReviewHerbs for Pets delivered a shockingly rich amount of tips, tricks and useful tidbits for any pet owner and herbal aficionado. It profiles a wonderful list of pet friendly herbs for safe gardening in any garden, and lets you know what herbs are safe to grow even if you aren’t using them on your pets.

This book is a top choice for herbal recipes for my pets. It doesn’t take simply dogs and cats into account either, as it includes barnyard animals and a wide variety of other animals to suit any pet owner of any kind. You can find great gardening tips and suggestions that can improve your garden a thousand times over.

The book doubles as an idea book that can guide you in creating a pet friendly garden all the way through. Many of the herbs included in this book are safe for people and pets, and can be used in a variety of ways from seasoning meals to healing properties.

One reason this book is so valuable is that it can help you ensure that you won’t inadvertently poison any wandering animals, whether they are your pets, a neighbors or a stray creature that just happened to come across your yard. In many instances, it’s best to be safe than sorry and make sure that your garden is pet friendly all around.

Herbs for Pets is a must have herbal book. It promotes a healthy lifestyle for you, and your pets, as well as safer garden for all gardeners. The second edition is also available—Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life. Read what one Amazon reviewer has to say about it:

Herbs for Pets is a huge, useful, interesting, well-researched book, illustrated with gorgeous full color photos, and printed on high quality, glossy stock. At first glance it seems like a coffee table book, and the quality of the design and photography reinforce that impression. However, the content exceeds even the highest expectations.

Both authors are experienced herbalists, and this book is far more than a list of recipes for dealing with common health problems. It covers the principles and theories of herbal medicine, as well as ethical issues involved with using plants.

There are literally hundreds of plant medicines included in this massive resource. Each entry includes a plant description, information on cultivating and obtaining the plant, a guide to the preparation and administration of the herb, beautiful, large, clear, color photographs of the herbs, and information on contraindications and side effects.

There is easy to understand information about what common maladies can be treated by each herb contained with the description of each herb. The herb guide alone is almost 200 pages long, but the book includes more than that. It is followed by an excellent encyclopedia of ailments, with practical care suggestions as well as references to appropriate herbs.

There is even a comprehensive section on nutrition, utilizing the holistic approach that sets the Tilfords apart as herbalists. They cover nutrition and herbal care for many species of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and reptiles. They describe Western, ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs, and give information on how to grow many useful herbs in your own garden.

The Tilfords explain different fields of complementary and alternative medicine, including acupuncture and homeopathy, and indicate which modality is useful for what conditions.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more useful comes the guide to losing animals to death and a listing of holistic veterinarians who work with herbs, as well as holistic veterinary organizations. There is even a short list of recommended commercial foods for those who aren’t ready to make their pets’ food themselves.

Still, the cornerstone of the book is the detailed, lushly illustrated herb guide, or materia medica. Each entry is at least two pages long, and most are several pages long and include multiple large photographs. The quality of this resource cannot be overstated.

If you have an interest in herbal medicine, for humans or for animals, this book will be a treasured classic and more than earn its shelf space. Its price of around forty dollars might seem steep if you haven’t actually seen the book, but I have seen many books of this quality and much less usefulness for twice that amount. The publisher intends a price increase of about ten dollars in June, so it might be wise to get the book sooner rather than later. You won’t be sorry! — C. Keith

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