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Going to the grocery store to scour the endless herbal tea selection is one way to get your fix for what ails you, or you can make some fresh from home, in the formulas you desire, the taste, and save your body a lot of chemical processing.

Herbal teas nourish the body in endless ways, thanks to all of the various benefits of herbs and creations one can create with them. One common problem many people experience in life is digestive inflammation and discomfort.

We have all had meals where we ate too much, ate an indulgent meal, or simply our food didn’t quite agree with our stomachs where nausea had set in, gas pains occur, or other digestive discomforts. Herbal teas are a great relief for these common problems and herbal tea is an easy DIY project to do at home.

After Dinner Digestive Herbal Tea

  • Eases Digestion and discomfort
  • Great after indulgent meals and holiday dinners, or unhealthy feasting


1 part spearmint, 1/8 parts dried licorice root. For optional flavor enhancement, add a few cloves of fennel. Next, ingredients together (finely ground), and store in a glass Mason jar to protect freshness and flavor until use. Steep in a glass teapot or glass tea infuser for best results for quality and taste.

Tummy Tamer Tea

This tea consists of herbs that heal and soothe the stomach and digestive tracts, such as:


Finely, mash, grate, and/or mince tea leaves and mix together even parts of each to store in a glass jar until ready for brewing. Steep in a preferable glass teapot or tea infuser for five minutes, then enjoy! Adjust to taste any of the above herbal ingredients for what satisfies your unique pains and personal preferences.

This tea is ideal for many types of stomach and digestive discomfort, occasional or chronic, and for pains for sufferers of Celiac Disease, to soothe the stomach from any gluten that sneaks its way into your diet. This is a tea recipe I find excellent before bed, to soothe the stomach and warm the body before turning in for the night. The Chamomile helps relax stress and ease you into rest for a more peaceful sleep while feeling better.

Nursing mothers should always check with their trusted medical professional first before trying any herbal supplements or teas, but this particular herbal tea recipe should be safe while breastfeeding your baby.

Ginger Tummy Tamer

Ginger has long been applauded for its abilities to ease nausea symptoms, especially in pregnant women, but it actually does a lot more than that. Ginger helps with inflammation by combating two dominant enzymes that, when triggered, induce nausea, dizziness, and even poor circulation.


Use finely ground ginger and/or ginger root, brewed in hot water from a glass tea kettle or tea infuser for five to ten minutes before enjoying. Since ginger on its own can become boring for some or just not have the desired taste, you can add a myriad of different natural flavor enhancements, including:

These are quite simple and affordable for most of us, and of course, you can alter any of these to fit your own concoctions for taste and benefits. DIY Herbal tea recipes are great additions to your overall health and let’s face it, a nice steaming cup of brewed tea is a perfect way to unwind from the day or stay warm in the brutal winter months if you live in the colder states.

Spread the love and help us expand our health-conscious community. Tell us what other herbal teas you enjoy!




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