Herbal Living: Recommended Books on Aromatherapy & Essential OilsAromatherapy and essential oils have certainly increased rapidly in popularity over the last couple of years. However, with all of the names and ingredients, it is hard to keep up with what ingredients are safe, effective, and easy to find. Luckily, there are some books out there that are excellent resources for those individuals that are looking to incorporate aromatherapy and the use of essential oils into their lives.

Books on Aromatherapy

Regarding aromatherapy specifically, there are many excellent titles available.

Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt, who is one of the world’s leading experts on the therapeutic uses of essential oils, is the first excellent option. This book takes a closer look at how our bodies interact with different oils. Advanced Aromatherapy also goes into extensive detail on how to correctly use and administer essential oils.

Another book by Mr. Schnaubelt is titled Medical Aromatherapy, and it explores the ways that aromatherapy can complement the holistic lifestyle. It details the esoteric elements of essential oils that are seldom covered in other herbal books.

One more recommended read is titled Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green; it provides the reader with the herbalist’s perspective on essential oils and aromatherapy. The authors have over 40 years of combined experience in using essential oils and aromatherapy, and the book also includes a section on recipes for body care products.

Books on Essential Oils

For a focus more on essential oils and their many uses, The Complete Book of Essential Oils by Valerie Ann Worwood expertly explains how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. This book includes over 500 recipes for health, beauty, and cleaning products.

In addition, The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (2013) by Julia Lawless is a crucial book for you to own if you want to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. This is an alphabetical reference guide of over 190 essential oils. It covers detailed oil profiles that include medicinal uses, methods of extraction, synonyms and related plants, herbal traditions for each plant, aromatherapy applications, home uses and so much more.

Kurt Schnaubelt appears yet again on the list of recommended reads, this time for his book titled The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils. This book explains the science behind the many essential oils and their interactions in the body. It contains numerous recipes and uses for essential oils, and explores how home use of essential oils for skin care or relaxation can help strengthen one’s immunity and enhance overall well-being.

Covering both aromatherapy and the uses of essential oils, 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose is highly recommended. Especially beneficial to the experienced and novice user of oils and flower waters, this excellent book is full of extensive and thorough research but is presented in plain English, making it easy enough for everyone to understand the proper use of each essential oil. 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols covers everything from usage, distillation, flower water and essential oil history, combinations, perfumery recipes, possible risks, aromatherapy and much more.

All in All

The information on aromatherapy and essential oils can be overwhelming. In addition, you never know if what you’re reading is correct or a total waste of time. These recommended books on aromatherapy and essential oils have been written by professionals and accepted by the essential oil community as valuable resources.

If you truly need a guide on how to incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy in your life, choose from the selections above for the most accurate and useful information.


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