Herbal Fertilizers and You

Creating herbal fertilizers can ensure that you give your herbs and plants the best all-natural micronutrients. You can accomplish this by simply mixing the herbs you need into a tea, and pouring the tea into the areas that really need it.

Compost teas, which are composted materials in water, can allow you to boost your garden’s health. Specific herbs can provide you the specific nutrients that you need to ensure that your plants thrive.

Many herbalist gardeners may be thrilled at the prospect of recycling what they don’t use and putting it back into the soil the herbs came from.

Organic Gardening with Herbal Fertilizers

Organic gardening has a wealth of benefits. When you use herbal fertilizers, you can ensure that your plants are as clean and healthy as possible! Natural fertilizers give your plants higher quality soil to gain their nutrients from, enabling them to grow their best.

If you’re the type of nibble on different herbs as you prowl through your garden, herbal fertilizers ensure that you aren’t ingesting chemicals or other unwanted substances. It is particularly beneficial for gardeners who have children and pets.

Organic gardening allows you the comfort of knowing that there isn’t anything in the garden that can cause damage to your children, pets or other animals that may stroll through the premises.

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Many gardeners may grow their plants and herbs to sell at the local farmers’ market. If you’ve grown your edibles using natural herbal fertilizers, you can ensure that your customers know that your plants are completely naturally fertilized using fertilizers that you’ve made yourself.

Many people who shop at farmer’s markets are more interested in finding 100% organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs for their homes. Making natural herbal fertilizers will provide a big boom to your business, and ensure that others know how dedicated you are to your gardening.

As an organic gardener, the possibilities are endless.

Take advantage of your plant knowledge. You may be in an area that doesn’t commonly allow you to grow certain plants based on the nutrients that are or aren’t there in the soil. With this knowledge, you can alter your soils to have all the nutrients you need to grow plants that aren’t native to your region! Making your own homemade herbal fertilizers opens up a number of doors for you that can lead to great and amazing opportunities.

You can take it one step further, and provide a number of people with valuable information about your experiences and recipes for creating natural herbal fertilizers from home. You can create an eBook on the topic, detailing just how you could create such beautiful, delicious herbs and vegetables.

Many people make their livings by learning more ways of organically gardening, and passing on the information to other organic gardeners. Sharing information is only a part of the fun.

Herbal Fertilizers

You can use different herbs to provide the necessary nutrients to grow just about anything. Comfrey, for example, has nitrogen, potash and phosphorus. Coltsfoot offers potassium and sulfur, while Couch Grass provides silica and potassium.

What type of fertilizer do you use in your garden? Please share below!



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