4 Must-Have Herbal Books About Different World Traditions

If you’re looking to incorporate more natural and herbal remedies into your life, you may have noticed that many remedies come from around the world. It can be difficult to know where to turn to for the best information of the best traditions and remedies. If you just Google herbal remedies, who knows what you’ll find! When looking for traditional and herbal treatments, you also want to make sure that they are tried, true, and safe.

Herbal Books

This list of herbal books will help you identify some of the best resources for the world-wide traditions so that you know exactly where to go next time you’re looking for a specific remedy.

The Web that Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most well-established, yet complex traditions of herbal healing. With so much information to sort through, one can become inundated with herbal remedies that don’t address the situation at hand. This book helps simplify the tradition and provides a neat framework for understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rather than analytically breaking down each facet of TCM, the author expresses the tradition in a delightful and poetic way. [Get it Here]

The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism

This book utilizes sources from ancient Greece to civilizations of the Middle Ages, all the way into the 20th century. When bringing it all together, the author (Matthew Wood) organizes the book into common themes. This book thoroughly explores the theories behind the traditions as well as each medicinal plant and their individual herbal profiles. [Get it Here]

Sacred Plant Medicine: The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism

Sacred Plant Medicine provides an earthly background in which one can find herbal remedies. Through research and personal experience, the author is able to clearly relay the concepts of herbalism and the meaning behind each remedy. This book succinctly adopts and promotes the sacred relationship with nature and all things it provides. [Get it Here]

Medicine of the Earth: Legends, Recipes, Remedies, and the Cultivation of Healing Plants

This handbook guides the reader through folkloric tradition and then into the 33 most common medicinal plants of Europe, as well as some in North America. The plant descriptions include pictures, recipes, practical uses, and folklore for each one. Not only is it a very informational and practical read, but it is very entertaining as well! [Get it Here]

All in All

Herbalism is not just about healing and natural remedies; it is also about a personal relationship with plants and nature. These books will give you insight not only into the plants used in each tradition, the ways they were used, and what they were used for, but also into the cultural meaning of each tradition and plant selected.

No matter what type of herbalism you are most interested in or relate to the most, there is a book out there that will help you get started. The books mentioned above are great for beginners and experts and will help anyone and everyone find a deeper, richer meaning to every herbal tradition encountered.


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