Health Benefits of Yohimbe (Pausinystalia johimbe)

Yohimbe is a tree that is native to Central Africa, and it has become famous for the medicinal benefits of its bark. The chemical responsible for these interactions is called yohimbine and has actually been approved and used by many international drug agencies.

Health benefits of Yohimbe

Let’s take a closer look at some of the used for and benefits of yohimbe.

1. Circulation Improvement

If your circulation is lagging, you may be suffering from a foggy brain, low energy levels, and more. By improving circulation in the body, you are actually improving the amount of oxygen being fed to the various organs and muscles. This will translate to increased energy, mental clarity, faster healing of pain and injuries, and more. Increased circulation also decreases your risk for blood clots and deep-vein thrombosis. You can improve circulation and boost energy levels if consumed in the correct amount.

2. Improve Sexual Health

The bark of the yohimbe tree was originally used for its natural aphrodisiac properties, and it is still a valid use today. The improvement in circulation relates to healthy blood flow to the nether-regions for both men and women. Yohimbe extract is also believed to increase fertility and boost libido.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

Many of us struggle with losing those last few stubborn pounds. Yohimbine is very effective in aiding those that work out regularly to shed those last 5-15 pounds, and that’s because it is able to block particular adrenoreceptors, which translates to increased breakdown of fat in the body. Yohimbine is also used to increase muscle mass and is often utilized by weight-lifters. Because this process does alter the hormones in your body, use it with caution and get professional advice before utilizing yohimbine for weight loss.

4. Hypertension

Related to the improvement in circulation, yohimbine is also able to improve circulation through the heart as well as reduce tension in the arteries and vessels of the body. When the vessels and arteries are relaxed, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to push blood through them. Reducing hypertension can dramatically decrease your risk for heart attacks and strokes, as well as less-obvious side effects of hypertension like kidney failure.

How to Use  Yohimbe

Yohimbe plant bark has valuable properties that can be consumed orally through liquid or capsules. There’s also the option of using it directly after dehydrating the root and using it to make a delicious tea.

To make Yohimbe tea, grind the bark, add 6 teaspoons of the crushed bark into 16 oz. of water and let it boil for approximately 10 minutes. Strain your tea and you’re good to go.

Some people find adding honey and cinnamon helps them get past the unusual taste, so it’s okay to be creative.

For safety and efficacy reasons, be sure to get your yohimbe extract from a certified herbalist or health food store. You can also consult with professionals regarding appropriate dosage size for you.


Please note that Yohimbe bark contains an ingredient called Yohimbine that can cause extreme reactions attributed to psychosis and other neurological disorder symptoms. It’s important to avoid taking Yohimbine with other medications that impact the nervous system.

Do not use yohimbe if you are using another vasodilator. Because this effective medicinal plant does interact with the hormone levels in your body, be sure to run it by your physician first before incorporating yohimbe into your day.

People with high anxiety levels should also avoid this herb since it will most likely worsen their symptoms. High doses of this herb in general should be avoided as it can cause breathing problems, blood pressure irregularities, paralysis, and even death.



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