Anyone who is health conscious will be curious to hear more of something that’s said to have exceptional health benefits, especially longevity. Carbon 60 is one such chemical and is considered to be one of the most amazing discoveries of the late 20th century. The carbon molecule has many applications, especially in the field of health. And with a lot of controversy surrounding carbon 60 and its health benefits, you must be wondering whether or not it really is the magic molecule everyone is talking about. To find out more, here’s what we know so far.

What Is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 (C60), officially known as Buckminsterfullerene, is a unique oil-soluble molecule that’s said to prolong lifespan in humans. Discovered in 1985 by Buckminster Fuller, scientists have now concluded that this miraculous molecule has always been in existence.

After many years studying and researching this molecule, scientists made a remarkable discovery. The Carbon 60 molecule can promote longevity. Lab tests on rats showed that the C60 olive oil formula improved the lifespan of rats by 95 percent. So, how does it work? The molecule electrically neutralizes free radicals in the body, in turn preventing life-threatening diseases. Think of an antioxidant and multiply its capabilities by a thousand! Yes, that’s the power of C60.

Scientists believe the molecule has the ability to adsorb and absorb toxins and toxic acids and is then attracted to the mitochondria of cells. From there, the molecule removes superoxide (a dangerous by-product of cellular metabolism), to prevent mitochondrial damage. The C60 achieves a positive charge by adsorbing or absorbing protons, which in turn allows it to penetrate the mitochondria. As a result, the production of reactive oxygen (harmful radicals) decreases. With several studies showing the exciting capabilities of the Carbon 60 molecule, you must be eager to know what health benefits are in store if you start taking C60. Let’s dive right in.

Health Benefits of Carbon 60

1.Improves Longevity

Scientists have found proof that C60 has anti-aging properties. In a study led by a French scientist, rats were given 1000 mg of C60 every day for 29 days and thereafter allowed a 14-day recovery period. Remarkably, the rats lived nearly double their natural lifespan. In fact, one rat lived for almost six years. Scientists speculate that C60 can penetrate the cell membrane and prevent nerve cells from dying, thereby, allowing rats to live 95 percent beyond their normal lifespan. However, further research is required to prove that it works the same way in humans.

2. Prevents Inflammation

C60 might prevent inflammation. In most cases, people suffering from arthritis and joint-related pain exhibit swelling tissue. Lab studies showed that C60 managed inflammation in arthritic rats and showed impressive results. Other studies showed that tests carried out on human cell cultures seemed to promote less joint stiffness and flexible joints.

3. Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are known to damage molecules and cause unpleasant reactions within our bodies. To make matters worse, they leave a trail of damages as they move from one molecule to another. This leads to early signs of aging. Sometimes, free radicals are unavoidable since air pollutants are everywhere. Some get them through smoking or inhaling chemicals like pesticides and so on. The good news is that C60 has the ability to wipe all free radicals that happen to be in the way. Amazingly, free radicals don’t affect the structure of C60, which makes it extremely efficient until it leaves the system. What’s more, once the free radicals are bound to the carbon-60 molecule, they are neutralized 100 percent.

4. Protects Nerves

Nerve cells could die due to various reasons, including being overworked. When nerve cells get damaged and eventually die, they can lead to devastating health conditions. The C60 molecule is said to prevent nerve cells from dying, as a result, helping to postpone Alzheimer’s. This makes it viable for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Boosts Immunity

C60 has been shown to boost the production of white blood cells and cytokines, which are essential for fighting off infection. The molecule is also said to reduce the levels of histamine that are responsible for allergic reactions.

6. May Improve Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

As a powerful antioxidant, C60 can prevent fat cells from developing or growing in size. This means that they can, therefore, help you maintain an even waistline. The molecule promotes an environment where normal cells are less likely to turn into fat cells and fat cells less likely to grow.

7. Prevents UV Damage

In lab tests on human cultured skin cells, cream infused with C60 was shown to promote youthful skin and help shield it from the harmful UV rays. The cells that were exposed to the cream containing C60 were not nearly as damaged as those that were introduced to the cream on its own. Scientists speculate that C60 reduces the number of free radicals released to the skin due to UVA or UVB radiation, hence decreasing damage to the skin.

8. May Prevent Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition affecting the joints and is estimated to affect close to 27 million Americans. Researchers say that C60 has the potential to prevent Osteoarthritis by preventing loss of bone-building cells and preventing bone inflammation.

Final Thoughts

You should know that there are no scientific studies of C60 involving humans. However, given the attention that it’s receiving, you can expect trials to begin soon. That being said, it’s not recommended to take C60 with water alone since the side effects are unknown. All the studies and experiments used olive oil. Finally, don’t take more than the recommended dosage as more research is needed to determine the side effects.

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