Health Benefits and Uses of Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is probably one of the best-kept secrets around. This supplement is 100% natural and is particularly rich in silica, a component that is full of healthful potential. DE comes from the fossilized shells of microscopic water organisms, called diatoms. The diatomite (a collection of these fossilized shells) is ground into a fine powder for use, and it is this “magic” powder provides us humans with a variety of benefits.

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Read on to learn of the amazing benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and how it can improve your health.

1. Protect Against Alzheimer’s

It has long been believed that Alzheimer’s disease may be linked to a buildup of aluminum in the body, but particularly the brain. Consuming silica can help to reduce the amount of aluminum stored by the body by both expelling it from the body and preventing additional absorption.

2. Bone Health

Silica is needed by the body to help it properly absorb and use calcium, which translates to stronger, denser bones. This, in turn, prevents sprains and breaks. It is especially important for post-menopausal women and those that suffer from osteoporosis.

Silica also helps phosphorus and magnesium be absorbed into the bones, which further contributes to increased strength and protection. Recent research even suggests that silica may be able to transform into calcium when your body is low on the mineral.

3. Healthy Heart and Lungs

The silica found in DE can help to strengthen blood vessels and reduce risks of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular issues. Researchers also believe that silica can remove plaque from the arteries, which helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body. This strengthening of blood vessels also strengthens the lungs and helps to protect them from pollution and over-work.

4. Improve Skin’s Appearance

Diatomaceous Earth is also effective in preventing the sagging and aging of skin. Because silica helps to support bones and connective tissue, your skin and overall body looks firmer when more taut when you have enough silica. Using DE can help keep these bones and tissue strong and sturdy, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

5. Good Source of Collagen

DE, because of the silica, also contributes to our body’s natural stores of collagen. Increasing your intake of silica can not only improve elasticity of the skin, but may also prevent damage and injury due to a lack of collagen in tendons and ligaments.

6. Immune System Aid

Because silica is needed by the body in order to produce antibodies and DE is an excellent source of silica, diatomaceous earth is believed to help support the functioning of the immune system. This will improve your body’s ability to fight off various viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

7. Digestive Aid

Diatomaceous earth is also an effective, natural remedy for cleansing out the digestive tract. Consuming DE helps to eradicate many toxins, bacteria, and parasites that are living in our systems.


Clearly, diatomaceous earth can offer your body some amazing health benefits. If you are looking to include some DE into your diet, be sure you buy the proper kind—there is a food-grade DE and a pool-grade DE. Of course, be sure that you order food-grade DE from a reputable source.

It is recommended that you consume no more than a total of ¼ cup of the fine powder per day (start with a smaller portion then ease into it). You can mix it into water, juice, smoothies, or many other foods and beverages.


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