Health Benefits and Uses of Corn Silk (Barbe de Maïs)

Corn silk is the fine, yellow and pink strands found on the ear of the female flower of corn. The corn has been grown in North and South America for thousands of years, the Mayans and Aztecs being the first of those who cultivated it. The corn silk on the husks of corn are typically discarded when cleaning the corn to eat, but what most neglect to consider are the numerous medicinal properties the corn silk holds.

Benefits of Corn Silk

In folk medicine, Native Americans have used corn silk for centuries as an herbal remedy. This herbal remedy, which is packed with vitamins and minerals, continues to treat a range of ailments.

  • Corn silk is high in protein, carbohydrates and fiber. It is also packed with vitamins like vitamin K and C.
  • Its most popular use is to treat urinary tract infections and other bladder concerns, including urinary inflammations.
  • Containing chemicals that make it an excellent diuretic, corn silk allows easy passage of urine flow. This helps treat kidney stones and soothe an irritated urinary system.
  • Corn silk can also treat prostate inflammation and kidney infections.
  • It reduces high blood pressure and is a safe, gentle alternative to lowering blood pressure, as compared to drugs that may have harsh side effects. Consequently, it can lower cholesterol.
  • Externally applied, corn silk can relieve pain and act as an antiseptic to heal rashes, cuts, and boils, while fighting infections.

How to Use Corn Silk

Most typically, corn silk tea is consumed as a means to get the benefits of corn silk.

Take fresh corn silk from husks of corns, dry them and brew them, covered, into boiling water. After 10-15 minutes, uncover and strain out the corn silk. Add honey or lemon to add extra flavor, and your corn silk tea is ready to be consumed.

Moreover, corn silk is commercially available cut & sifted or in capsule form; it is also available as an extract.

For cuts and rashes, corn silk can be applied directly onto the skin.


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