The Baobab tree is an Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’ that can live for up to 6000 years. Its fruit is the only one of a kind that dries naturally on the branch. The name ‘Tree of Life’ was adopted as a result of the nutrients it offers during the dry season. Baobab fruit contains more antioxidants than any other fruit in the world. If you’re looking for superfoods for healthy, glowing skin, Baobab superfruit tops the list. After drying up, the Baobab fruits are harvested in a process that involves splitting them open using a hammer or knife to expose a dry cream-colored pulp. Then the pulp is pounded into a fine powder which is very essential in the beauty world. Here are the benefits of Baobab which makes it extraordinary.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Aduna Baobab helps in slowing down the release of sugars in the bloodstream hence reducing energy spikes. This is due to the high soluble fiber content in it. Soluble fibers also improve blood cholesterol and reduce visceral fat.

In a study by the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University found that people who consumed milk containing Baobab had lower blood glucose level response compared those who had a controlled drink without Baobab.
Additionally, the same group of people who consumed milk with Baobab had a slower sugar release after digestion. Therefore, Baobab is considered ideal for people following a low GI diet and also for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Boost Immune System

Baobab is a great source of vitamin C which is crucial to our bodies. By taking a single serving of Baobab which is about two to three teaspoons, you receive 33 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement. You require this vitamin for strong immune system which helps your body to fight against infections causing illnesses. Add Baobab powder into your orange juice or water for extra vitamin C boost. ”

Anti-Aging Properties

Vitamin C in Baobab is known to have anti-wrinkle or anti-aging properties which form part of Baobab skin care benefits. Of all fruits, Baobab fruit has the highest level of vitamin C which is ten times more than an orange. You can use an eye serum made of this fruit to keep the skin under your eye looking young. Also, aging can be caused by a decrease in elastin and collagen production allowing gravity to take place thus making the skin to sag and wrinkle even more. Luckily, Baobab can help your body generate elastin and collagen proteins therefore, reducing wrinkles and sagging of your skin.

Reduces Acne

Baobab powder contains levels of vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin A is also called retinoid or Retin A. When you ingest vitamin A in Baobab powder, it goes deep into pores and removes any keratin plugs which are the main cause of blackheads, papules, and acne. Since Acne frequently occurs in people with oily skin, vitamin A can help decrease the overall oil in the skin pores by opening them up hence increasing circulation and clearing the oil easily.

Soothes Sensitive Scalp

If your scalp is sensitive and easily irritated, you should consider making a healing hair oil using Baobab. Moreover, Baobab can overall nourish your hair due to its exceptional moisturizing and collagen producing properties. To make a soothing cream, in a glass jar add one teaspoon Baobab oil, a quarter cup creamy coconut oil and five drops peppermint essential oil. Mix using a hand mixer to combine the ingredients into a creamy mixture. Then apply all over the scalp before and after shower for a scalp soothing effect.

Acts as a Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is used to wipe away dirt from your face after a long day. Baobab oil has a light and nice texture making it the best cleansing oil. Massage Baobab oil onto your face then use a warm washcloth and dab the skin. This allows the good oil to go into the skin and push out slate oils. The DIY way to make cleansing oil using Baobab is by filling a four oz plastic bottle with jojoba oil then add two teaspoons of Baobab oil. Shake the two ingredients well to mix them up. Use a few drops of the mixture to massage your skin well them proceed with the oil cleansing method.


If you’re looking to acquire Baobab oil, then go for 100 percent pure cold pressed oil. In addition to that, Baobab is one of the highest alkaline food available thus by taking it your body will be able to defend itself against chronic diseases and ailments. To avoid loss of vitamin content, store Baobab leaves as a whole leaf rather than ground leaf powder.

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