Grounding: The Power of Going Barefoot

What once was common as a child is now making a comeback in the age of adulthood. “Grounding”, or walking barefoot, has gained momentum recently as a beneficial activity that can provide a number of positive effects on your body.

The earth holds a negative charge along with other free radicals that help to counteract and balance the positive charge that the human body creates. By not allowing your body to release the positive charge, you are creating a toxic buildup that can lead to a number of health-related problems.

When fashionable shoe choices line advertisements and pedicures are the go-to activity for some enjoyable girl-time, taking time out to connect with the earth may become a distant thought in the minds of many people.

However, disconnecting from the busy world around us to focus on our bodies and their connection to the earth can offer a variety of health benefits for your mind and body.

Stress Relief

Taking your shoes off and connecting with nature by walking barefoot, especially in grassy areas, provides comfort and soothing vibes for your mind. After a long day of being surrounded by noise and activity, eliminating all of the visual and auditory excess from your life by connecting to the earth can keep stress at bay. It can reset your thinking, allowing you to focus more fully afterward, or rejuvenate your creative flow, letting you tackle projects without the added pressure of stress in the back of your mind.

Increased Energy

Without stress consuming your day-to-day life, you have more mental space to focus on things that really matter. Many people do not understand how much of an energy-suck stress can be on a person, in both their mind and body. It can drain one’s energy, making you feel zapped and depleted only halfway through the day.

By practicing grounding, you are able to free your mind from the stressors that drag it down, giving you back the energy better utilized in enjoyable tasks and improving productivity.

Improved Balance

The feet are designed in such a way to provide the balance and support our body’s need to walk, run, and perform a number of other activities. Years and years of being stuffed into shoes can radically decrease the sensation your feet are able to feel and respond to, which can lead to balance issues as you age. You can also lose natural muscle mass and strength in the foot by using shoes that provide arch support.

It is important to keep your body tuned into its natural state, and going barefoot can greatly help in this. The negative energy absorbed through contact with the earth can offset the malfunctioning neural circuits, improving your balance in the process. Your foot muscles will also grow, building up muscles you forgot you had.

Better Circulation

If you frequently suffer from ice-cold extremities, like your hands and feet, going barefoot can help to improve the circulation of blood in your body. Barefoot walking allows blood to pool in your feet, which provides the benefit of more oxygen through red blood cells. This will add to overall mobility and cease those unwelcome feelings of frozen toes.

Bigger Muscles, Stronger Bones

As your feet conform to the surface of the earth, you will feel the benefits of increased blood flow. With improved blood flow, your muscles will receive more oxygen and nutrients needed for optimum growth. Your bones will also benefit. Which once was weak, will now grow strong. Flexibility can also improve due to forgoing the cushioned surface that shoes provide, allowing your muscles to move in the ways they were designed for.

No More Slouching

Walking with shoes can affect your center of gravity, especially if you wear heels. An offset center of gravity can lead to poor alignment and prevent you from practicing your best posture. Slouching and hunching over can lead to long-term structural problems within your body if done often enough. Removing impediments to your natural grace and balance can help to realign your spine, improving your posture little by little.

Strengthened Immune System

Every year a number of different viruses and ailments can hit your body, causing weeks of sickness and a weakened immune system. Hundreds of nerve endings line the bottom of the foot, allowing your feet to transmit energy from the earth to sensory receptors. This can create a soothing vibe that can actually help improve your body’s immune system and prevent you from succumbing to every sickness thrown your way throughout the changing seasons.

Exposure to Germs

Many people think that your body will be exposed to parasites, germs, and viruses if allowed to roam free without proper coverings. Realistically, the chances of acquiring parasites while grounding is low. In many cultures and environments, children are encouraged to run around barefoot, increasing their immune response to the germs around them.

It is a common fact that most germs are not harmful and can actually help your health by leading to tolerance of more harmful germs like bacteria and viruses.

Parasites are common outside in areas where there is no indoor plumbing, and as a result, human feces are disposed of in backyards and bushes. Since we now have indoor toilets and/or dispose of our excrement discretely, this problem is significantly reduced.

A Better Night’s Rest

With your energy balanced by the earth, your natural body rhythms will reconnect, with better sleep being a big consequence. Many people suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders but don’t know what exactly is causing the issue. Could it be due to an easily fixable problem of pent-up positive energy looking for a neutralizer? Better rest may be a surprising outcome once you try grounding for the first time.

A Release of Toxins

All the pent-up positive energy whizzing around inside our bodies can be negatively affected by outside factors such as radiation, an unhealthy diet, and even smoke. By transferring these electrons outside the body through grounding, you are in essence, cleansing the body of impurities and toxins. This can lead to an overall feeling of wellness in both your mental and physical state.

How to Reconnect with the Earth?

Since our bodies are electrical—all parts (heart, brain, lungs, digestive system, etc.) rely on electrical signals to function properly. We have lost our electrical roots, as it were. This disconnection from the earth may be the root-cause of human pain and chronic illnesses.

The good news is, you can reconnect. Go barefoot outside for at least half-hour per day. Walk or sit on conductive surfaces (soil, sand, grass, or concrete) from which your body can pull energy from the earth. Surfaces such as asphalt, wood, or vinyl will not work as they are not conductive.

And if there isn’t enough time in your day, there are indoor options. Invest in grounding products which can be used while working, sleeping, or relaxing. Whatever the case may be, start grounding today!



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