21 Foods with High Levels of Biotin

Biotin is an oft-overlooked nutrient, but that does not make it unimportant. A lack of biotin will result in unhealthy and lackluster hair and skin and may also negatively impact your metabolism and blood glucose levels. To make sure you’re getting enough biotin, especially if you want good-looking skin and hair, check out the list below and add some of these foods to your diet now.

Biotin Rich Foods

Buying organic will help ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your food choices.

1. Avocadoes

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, avocadoes are also a good source of biotin. To make sure you’re getting your biotin needs, add some avocado to your wraps, sandwiches, smoothies, omelettes, and salads.

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, including biotin. There are many types that you can try, from cremini to portobello to run-of-the-mill white mushrooms. If you don’t care for mushrooms but still need more biotin, try hiding them in your pastas, egg scrambles, and soups.

3. Tuna

A very healthy fish, tuna is rich in omega-3’s and protein, as well as biotin. One serving of tuna won’t even cost you 200 calories but will give you a full day’s supply of vitamin B12.

4. Turkey  

Turkey is a great alternative to red meats and is low in calorie and fat. With just over 100 calories and 18 grams of protein per serving, turkey is a great source of biotin and a healthy choice of meat.

5. Swiss Chard

At just 20 calories per serving and chock-full of nutrients such as vitamin A and magnesium, Swiss chard is also rich in biotin.

6. Eggs

Despite prior misconceptions that eggs were unhealthy and raise cholesterol, dieticians now agree that eggs pose no risk to your cholesterol (just don’t eat a dozen in one sitting) and make for an excellent protein—and biotin-packed breakfast item.

7. Sunflower Seeds

Not only are they great for ball games, but sunflower seeds are also great for keeping your biotin levels up. Combine the biotin with the vitamin E found in the seeds, and you’re on your way to healthier skin and hair in no time.

8. Peanut Butter

This tasty and protein-packed treat is also a good source of biotin. Try it on your bagels, in your smoothie or by the spoonful for a boost in biotin.

9. Salmon

A lean source of protein and omega-3’s, organic salmon also contains large amounts of biotin. Salmon is a great substitute for many red meats and provides a lot of flavor for the few calories.

10. Cauliflower

Rich in vitamin C as well as biotin, cauliflower can help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease. If you don’t care for the vegetable as-is, try mixing it in with your mashed potatoes or using it as a rice.

11. Sardines

If you can stomach sardines, they make for a great source of protein, omega-3’s, and biotin.

12. Berries

No matter which one you prefer, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all a good source of biotin. Most all berries are also rich in antioxidants that help protect you from a wide variety of diseases.

13. Almonds

Replace your potato chips or candy bar with a handful of almonds and not only will you be fuller and feel better, but you’ll also get a good dose of biotin as well. Snack on them alone, or add almonds to your cereal and salads for a little biotin boost every day.

14. Bananas

A great fruit to pair with your peanut butter or to grab on your way out the door in the morning, bananas are an excellent source of biotin. Low in calories and rich in potassium and fiber, shoot for a banana a day for your biotin needs.

15. Soybeans

Full of protein and biotin, organic soybeans are an excellent source of both for vegetarians in particular.

16. Carrots

This vegetable is great for your eye health and also provides a large amount of biotin per serving. Munch on some carrots for a low-calories and nutrient-rich snack, or add them to nearly all of your dishes, from salads to stews.

17. Walnuts

Rich in zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, and biotin, walnuts make for a great snack or a healthy addition to everything from salads to ice cream sundaes.

18. Halibut

An excellent source of protein, halibut offers omega-3 benefits as well as biotin. A delicious fish, halibut is easy to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis.

19. Spinach

To get more biotin in your life, try using spinach in your salads instead of romaine or iceberg. You can also add it to your smoothies, pastas, omelettes, and soups.

20. Chicken

Much healthier than red meats, chicken is a low-calorie protein option that can be utilized in a variety of ways. For the most vitamins and nutrients, including biotin, try to find a free-range and hormone-free option.

21. Whole Wheat Bread

In almost every way, whole wheat bread is better than processed, white bread—and that goes for the amount of biotin in whole wheat versus white bread as well. Whole wheat bread is also rich in folic acid, iron, copper, zinc, and fiber.

Although low biotin isn’t necessarily life-threatening, your body will not be able to function at its best without enough of the mineral. Keep this list of foods in mind to be sure that you are getting enough biotin in your diet on a daily basis.


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