Food Cravings and What Your Body Needs In Return

All of us have experienced a craving for food so strong that we can hardly resist it. Occasionally, these cravings are triggered by maybe a commercial or a smell, but often times these cravings come out of nowhere and hit hard. There is, usually, a chemical or nutritional reason behind most of those cravings, and knowing the triggers can help you deal with them.

Food Cravings

Below you’ll read about some of the most common food cravings and what your body really needs.

1. Chocolate

Probably one of the most common cravings, an uncontrollable desire for chocolate can signal that your body needs more magnesium, chromium, or B-vitamins. For good sources of magnesium turn to dark leafy green vegetables, seeds, fish, beans, and nuts. If you really must have chocolate, reach for 100% pure cocoa or at least dark chocolate.

2. Carbohydrates

A common craving especially for women, it may be a sign that you are suffering from insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, or chromium deficiency. Because we do need carbohydrates in our diets, this craving may seem less obvious and or less of an issue. However, if you are constantly craving processed, bleached carbs, you should try to alleviate these craving first by eating more bananas, apples, apricots, spinach, avocado, broccoli, celery, and carrots.

3. Sugar

Craving sugar can imply blood sugar imbalance, or a deficiency in minerals such as chromium or magnesium. To give your body what it needs, pass up the candy bar or sugary drink, and opt for some fruit if you really need something sweet. Because a craving for sweets may also imply that your body is dehydrated, try drinking some water as well to decrease your craving. Consistently improving your diet overall (which especially means more of a variety of fruits and vegetables) is the best way to avoid and treat cravings for sugary foods.

4. Salt

A craving for salty things can be instigated by a fluctuation in hormones or low electrolyte levels. Rather than opening up a bag of salty potato chips, opt for some organic nuts, seeds, fruit, or vegetables. If the craving is really strong, you can enjoy some lightly salted nuts or some all-natural vegetable chips. Also be sure to drink some water to reduce the craving.

5. Fat

Craving fried foods and other fatty treats is often a sign that your body is low on essential fatty acids. You can find these in avocados and nuts, and by incorporating healthy oils into your diet. These cravings may also imply a shortage in calcium, which can be rectified by eating more organic cheese, milk, yogurt, or other low-fat dairy.

6. Ice

If you ever get the urge to chomp on some ice, your body is likely low on iron, which causes the craving. To give your body the iron it needs, eat more leafy greens and lean red or white meats.

As you can see, cravings are more than just a random desire for certain foods. Cravings, in fact, are often a signal from your body that you are low on certain nutrients. This list should help you better understand your cravings and treat them in a healthy manner.


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