Nowadays, getting an eight-hour long sleep is close to impossible due to multiple challenges and distractions. With the number of Americans who suffer from sleep deprivation almost at 80 percent, we need to incorporate feng shui guide for better sleep. Restless nights, insomnia and sleep deprivation have been associated with several physical and emotional problems including weight gain and anxiety. Rearranging your bedroom, the feng shui way, can really help with sleep. Did you know that less than six hours of sleep a night can alter expression of over 700 genes? This shows how important sleep is and in a way it can make you smarter, healthier, more intuitive, fresh-faced, happier and more creative. Therefore, you need to try these feng shui tips for better sleep.

Clear Your Mind

Bedtime is the time to relax and forget the world outside. If you’re going to sleep, don’t go there angry, worried, overwhelmed, sad or nervous. In case you can’t get that thought out of your mind immediately your head hits the pillow, then get up and dump it on a piece of paper.

Putting every emotion and anything else that might be bothering you down can help you be at ease. Try to be calm to maximum on the sleeping hours.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed contributes to 20 percent more chances of having a better sleep compared to those who don’t. After a long tiring day, you need to go to a well-made bed where you experience a feeling of invitation to a peaceful and serene environment. However, a disorganized bed brings a feeling of a stressful life and an unfinished business. In fact, you might spend the whole day at work thinking about how your bed is untidy. This can impact your motivation and energy levels the entire day. Feng shui states that unmade beds don’t bring closure to the act of sleep.

Remove Clutter from the Bedroom and Underneath the Bed

Cluttered bedroom and items under the bed contribute to restless nights. Even worse, you might be sleeping on top of bad memories or problems. These items might ruin your goals manifestation, dreams, and money. The space under the bed should be clear and clean of everything to promote the flow of chi or energy. Everything in your bedroom should express the energy of love, deep healing, and relaxation.

Avoid Electronic Gadget in The Bedroom

Take out any TV, phone, and computer from the bedroom to avoid distractions. In fact, an hour or two before bedtime, you should shut down any electronic you might be using especially phones and computer. By doing so, you encourage a feeling of balance and improves your sleeping cycles. Additionally, you should cover the mirror before bedtime or remove it from the bedroom. Due to their reflective nature, mirrors can interrupt your sleep which is considered as negative feng shui.

Let Air Circulate In

The carbon dioxide you breathe throughout the night occupies the entire room by morning. You need to get rid of this stagnant air for rejuvenation. The day’s air helps to nurture your bedroom for the night. In case you can’t leave your room’s window open for any reason, a small fan can help to keep air circulating. However, avoid sleeping with the fan on. Most importantly, look for a way to get rid of carbon dioxide since it affects the quality of sleep. Just a few hours are enough for good air to circulate in.

Avoid Afternoon Energy Drinks

Afternoon fresheners such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks tend to cause a restless night. They can make you feel hype energized for hours which could make you turn and toss in bed till it’s out of the system. If you had a rough day and you want something to calm you down, have something like chamomile tea.

Stay Away from Sharp Edges

Sleeping with a sharp object pointing toward you is considered as negative feng shui which leads to bad sleep. They include large chandeliers over the bed, artwork, bedside sharp corners, or a sharp headboard. Your bed should be placed in a position where you can easily see the door but not directly in line with it. Plus, the back of your bed should always be against the wall and ensure the images facing you are relaxation and express good energy.


Feng shui guide for better sleep determines how well you will sleep and how much energy you will have during the day. Sleep deprivation is the beginning of poor work performance, bad mood, and poor social interaction. It can also cause your inability to learn, weight gain, colds, depression, and depleted sex drive. That’s why feng shui places a special emphasis on the bedroom and its condition.

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