There are many factors that come to play in determining the quality and quantity of sleep a person should have. Besides the emotional factors and stress that causes restless nights, your sleep environment speaks a lot about the type of quality of sleep you will get at night.
According to the National Institute of Health, an adult should sleep an average of seven to eight hours. Sleep brings about happiness, great health, creativity, and a well-minded person. A feng shui expert said that feng shui helps to create a space for relaxation, sexual and emotional healing. By nurturing good energy in your bedroom, your nervous system relaxes and gets into a place of safety and comfort. This is very important for a good night sleep and brings about a sense of well-being. There are so many feng shui tips that you can apply to your bedroom for a better restful night.

Clear Your Bedroom

Start by removing hanging furniture above your bed. This includes low hanging chandelier which makes you uncomfortable and not 100% safe. Proceed to the closets and, underneath your bed and toss out anything that isn’t useful. In fact, nothing should be lying under your bed. Anything that doesn’t bring good memories, express energy of love, a deep spirit of relaxation and healing does not belong in the bedroom. The energy left after all that clutter is gone is what you require to keep you calm and have sweet dreams.

Choose Good Bed Placement Point

Your bed against the wall supported by a solid headboard is the ideal location. Here you feel secure, comfortable and you’re in control. Some might advise against bed placement directly below the window. But, it all depends with you home location; if you live at a quiet ranch where you can see vegetation at the comfort of your bedroom, why not place your bed next to the wall in to enjoy the view?
In case you live somewhere noisy, the sound and movement of people or vehicles can disrupt your sleep. Just be creative in the way you chose your bed location to fit your preferences.

Avoid Electronics While in The Bedroom

Give yourself at least two hours before you sleep and ditch your phone, computer, TVs and any other electronics you might be using. Electromotive force(EMF) promotes unhealthy energy, restlessness and discomfort in the bedroom. The light from these gadgets can interrupt your sleep cycle and rhythm. You need a feeling of balance and as much natural light as possible.

Let the Air into Your Bedroom

Draw the curtains immediately you wake up and open windows to let fresh air in. Throughout the night, you exhale carbon dioxide which fills your room by morning and should be let out.

Choosing Bedroom Décor and Accessories

Use relaxing colors such as blue, green and brown which helps prepare you for sleep. The light in the should be dim in the bedroom. Bright lighting interrupts your sleep pattern by creating ‘light pollution’ that causes sleepless nights. In addition to that, it’s bad feng shui to use blinds and curtains that don’t block out the light. Light from outside can penetrate through your eyelid and disrupt your sleep. You can control the light at your home, but you have no control over the light outside. Therefore, you need to invest in double layered curtains. On the other hand, you should remove any old décor, and unpleasant images or artwork from your bedroom. Fill the wall with things that make you feel good and happy.

Don’t Bring Work to the Bedroom

By looking at your emails from work, it reminds you of the pending work thereby increasing your stress levels. This prevents you from relaxing and can stimulate work mode which can lead to difficulty sleeping. A bedroom is a place of relaxing according to Tchi, a feng shui consultant. Try to avoid work-related phone calls at night. They can agitate you and take away all your sleep which leaves you turning and tossing in bed.


There are so many ways to create a conducive environment for better sleep. The feng shui of your bedroom determines how well you sleep and the level of energy during the day. Bad performance at work and awful mood are all determined by your previous night sleep. Adapt to the right feng shui and all the problems you’ve been having will be taken care of naturally. With good sleep, you’ll begin to notice things that shouldn’t be in the bedroom and become more aware of your entire home.

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