Every kitchen needs a mortar

It’s a good practice to keep a mortar in the kitchen for those times you need to grind everything up to a fine powder. Grinders and graters are just as important to the household. You can’t go wrong with these items in your kitchen. They are durable, inexpensive and well-suited to a household environment. Be prepared for everything at home by having a mortar, grinder and grater at the counter ready for those herbs.

Mortars, Graters and Grinders

Mortars are typically used to grind or crush herbs and spices for cooking or healing. They are known to be used in pharmacy work. They typically involve a cup-like bowl made from a hard material, such as marble, and a pestle, which is shaped similarly to a club. The pestle is used to crush, mix and grind the substance in the mortar. Graters are typically a solid surface covered in holes with raised, sharp edges. A grinder is a container that has small poles that grind up the materials placed in it.

1. Nutmeg Grater

A nutmeg grater made from stainless steel presents the perfect way to grind fresh nutmeg for your food. It has micro-blades that feature four prongs for a finer grind. The grater is small at a mere 5.5 inches, and fits neatly into a spice rack. You can wash it in the dishwasher without fear.

2. Marble Mortar and Pestle

Made from a beautiful marble, marble mortar and pestle were sculpted carefully and finely polished. Marble mortars are particularly heavy duty and durable, capable of withstanding any grinding necessary at home. The marble is gorgeous with varying colors of white, amber and cream. It’s 4 inches in diameter, dishwasher safe and easily cleaned.

3. Salt Grater

A salt grater is a must-have in the kitchen! You can use it to grate salt chunks into fine, flaky powder. It’s great for creating citrus or lemon zests, and most come with a safety cover that prevents anyone from cutting themselves on it. The average grater is 10 inches long, with a large 3.5×2.25 inch grating board.

4. White Porcelain Mortar and Pestle

Simple, yet attractive, this white porcelain mortar and pestle is a valuable item for an herbalist’s kitchen. It can be used in a versatile manner, and has a pour lip that makes it simple to remove herbs and spices from the bowl. On the outside, it’s been glazed. The interior, however, remains unglazed to get that perfect grind. The pestle is partially glazed, left untouched toward the end. You can get it in two different sizes, and it’s completely lead-free.

5. Vase Spice Grinder

Available in red or black, a vase spice grinder is the perfect way to prepare freshly ground spices, flax seeds, blends, herbs, salts and more. Fill the grinders with your spice, and as you need them, twist the tops of the glass vase-shaped grinder. Most have an adjustable grinder so that you can choose how the grind comes out with each spice. The grinder is placed on top to prevent spice messes.


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