Eating healthy at the office might seem impossible in this era where putting in extra hours to beat that deadline or tight schedules are the norms. Spending more than eight hours sitting at the office while working on your computer takes a toll on your body and if not checked, it can lead to unhealthy eating habits which could contribute to weight gain. Eating healthy at work is not as difficult as it sounds, and it starts with making the right choices and planning your meals. But how do you avoid office temptations such as coffee and donuts? This post gives you seven ways to eat healthy at the office.

1. Opt for a Healthier Breakfast

We all know that breakfast serves as the most important meal to kick start your day. In other words, whatever you have for breakfast affects your work performance. If possible, take a healthy breakfast at home before leaving for work. If that’s not an option, you can prepare a healthy breakfast at the office using healthy food choices. Always aim for a balanced diet full of nutrition including eggs, whole grain bread, tomatoes, cucumber, and vegetables. However, most of the foods brought to the office are full of carbohydrates which can make you feel sleepy or fatigued. A simple whole grain bread and cheese, plus fruit is also a healthier choice if you can’t lay your hands on other food choices.

2. Munch on Healthy Snacks

Snacks are underestimated meals yet they play an important role in a healthy diet. Apart from boosting your metabolism, healthy snacks prevent you from eating every now and then throughout the day. Eating dried fruits, fresh fruits, nuts such as walnuts or peanuts, yogurt, and milk are healthier snacks that you can eat between lunch and dinner. Plan your day so that you carry the snacks to work for easy reach any time of the day.

3. Avoid Junk at Lunch

The long hours can make you forget about lunch. This is unhealthy and most of the time, we like quick fixes such as French fries and other fried foods. Try to go for boiled, roasted or grilled meat, chicken, or fish combined with vegetables. Opt for yogurt or milk instead of soda or processed juice and multigrain bread and brown rice instead of white bread or rice.

4. Carry Home-Cooked Meals

Eating healthy at work is not easy and there’s no better way to stay healthy than taking home-cooked food with you to your office. It gives you the option to enjoy fresh healthy diets and avoid junk food. You’ll also eliminate the chances of food poisoning caused by badly cooked food. Here, you should focus on preparing healthy and balanced diet meals that will keep you satisfied and comfortable. Overeating, especially too many carbohydrates can lead to poor work performance.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is life. Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times to sip throughout the day. Drink a glass of water before meals and keep drinking to stay hydrated. Most offices have air conditioners which could dry your skin and water will help restore the moisture. Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks such as sodas, lattes, energy drinks, and packaged juices as much as possible for general body health and to prevent weight gain. Take black coffee with less sugar or green tea to boost your metabolism.

6. Watch What You Eat

Although healthy snacks such as yogurt and mixed nuts are good for your body, you need to watch your portions. Too much of anything is harmful to your health and excess snacks may lead to loss of appetite and unnecessary calories pile-up on your body.
When food smells awaken your hunger pangs, learning how to curb your cravings will help you control your eating habits. That’s why it’s important to have fruits such as an apple in your office to satisfy your cravings and prevent you from giving in to sugary foods and drinks. Learn to say no to avoid falling back to sugary and fatty foods.

7. Make a Weekly Food Plan

To make it easy to maintain a healthy diet routine, plan a whole week’s meal so that you know what you need to eat each day. This saves you lots of time, money and unhealthy eating habits. Meal planning also allows you to include plenty of veggies and fruits in your diet in advance. You could also prepare meals and snacks and store them in your refrigerator. Get yourself a nice lunch box with compartments to carry the food portions with ease. You’ll thank yourself later. Staying healthy and keeping fit go hand in hand. That’s why enrolling to a nearby gym is a significant step towards boosting your confidence, keeping stress levels down, and aiding in weight loss. Find a gym buddy or work buddy with whom you share similar eating habits and workout routines to motivate each other. Following these simple yet practical tips will help you eat healthy at the office and keep fit at the same time.

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