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Christmas spirit is in the air and it’s an exciting time for the whole family, especially kids who look forward to Christmas fun activities. Each year, our kids craft beautiful ornaments that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The most interesting part is taking time to make some of the Christmas decorations with your kids. They are easy to make and inexpensive since you’ll be using items lying around in your home. Even toddlers can make them without any assistance and they usually come out unique and attractive. Here’s a list of easy DIY Christmas ideas to do with your children.

Print Yarn

Also called variegated yarn, they change color in a single strand and will give decorations a nice appeal. First, you need to cut out various shapes such as stars and squares using a cardboard. You’ll also need to apply glue on the square corners and star points to hold the yarn in place. Start wrapping the yarn around the shapes and cross the yarn over the glue when turning corners. Keep going until the shapes are fully covered. Knot the end when you’re through and then tie the pieces to the Christmas tree branches.

Friendly Snowman Crafts

Create your frosty friend using cotton wool (or fiber stuffed in pillows), jar lids, bottle tops and felt. Stick plastic beads to make an impression of a face and to give it the look of a real snowman.

Family Portraits

Will be fun watching their creativity in action and how they represent their artwork. Let them enjoy the moment and create their own representations without interference. You’ll be amazed by what your kids can do.

Santa Crafts

Santa crafts are always fun to make for kids. All you need are pom-poms, cotton balls, glue and paint (red, black, orange and white paints). Paint the plate so that half of it is covered in red which curves on the left side to look like a hat and the other half covered in a mixture of red and orange. Apply the glue between the red paint and the mixed paint and spread the cotton wool along the trail of the glue, leaving the curved part. Apply more glue to the bottom of the plate and fluff it up with more cotton wool to create a fluffy beard. Use the black paint to add a pair of black eyes. There you have it! A paper Santa that kids will surely enjoy making.

Decorate with a Family of Clay

Using air-dry clay, let your kids roll it out and cut it into different sizes representing each member of the family. Help the press the clay pieces with gingerbread cookie cutters and decorate with sequins, rhinestones, and puffy paints. String them up and hang them together on the Christmas tree.

How About Elf?

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Elf buddies can be hung from the Christmas tree branches or placed on the shelf. Using wine cork covered in felt and designed with beard heads, you can create many Santa helpers to decorate your tree. Use craft wires for the arms and legs each donning beads to represent the hands and feet.

Salt Dough Ornaments

These still remain a classic that kids love to make. You need four cups all-purpose flour, one and a half cups warm water, and one cup salt. Knead the dough until it’s smooth but firm. Roll it out and cut out the desired shapes. Poke a hole for hanging using a straw. Bake the pieces at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately one hour and let it cool completely. Kids will enjoy what they created.

Photo Ornaments

Get your album out and let the kids choose favorite memories they’d like to hang on the Christmas tree. Together, cut the pictures into circles and stick them to wood slices using glue. Make a hole to hang them on the branches.

Painted Walnut

Use acrylic paint to coat the walnut and wait for it to dry. Apply clear nail polish to give it a shiny look. Next, stick a bead to the top and bottom of the walnut using glue and fix a loop of string for hanging.

White Clay Ornaments

These are pretty easy to make. All you need is white clay and beads. Mix the dough with your kids to make it a fun activity. Once they roll it out, let them form the clay into any shapes they want and then complete the decoration with funky and shiny beads. They’ll look exotic and the colorful beads will always draw eyes to the ornaments hanging from the branches. You can never go wrong with Christmas decorations. Each year, you can help your kids create different ornaments depending on what they have learned or seen as they grow up. Plus, the kids will love seeing their artwork hanging on the Christmas tree.

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