DVDs and Games for Herbalists

In this collection of herbal DVDs and games, we have compiled some fantastic, education devices that can encourage the herbal lifestyle. Each DVD offers insight from professionals on the importance of herbs. Daniel Vitalis delivers wonderfully supportive recipes, Nicole Carter focuses on getting the most out of your foods and Chad Cornell tells you everything to know about Western and Eastern traditional methods for healing.

DVDs and Games for Herbalists

There is a board game for herbalists; the first of its kind. Continue on to find out what we recommend for the best dvds and games for herbalists.

Our Common Roots

Chad Cornell, herbalist, compiled a ton of compelling information on modern and traditional healing methods in his film, Our Common Roots. The film has won Best Feature Documentary at the Moondance International Film Festival in 2013, and was selected for Best Feature at the Haida Gwaii Film Festival the same year. The film features a variety of plants that have healing properties, along with the philosophy behind their use and benefits.

Herbs that Heal

Nicole Carter, Holistic Health Educator and Master Herbalist, has spent over a decade studying herbal medicine. She created this DVD, Herbs that Heal, to provide viewers with medicinal recipes to use herbs in. She shows you recipes for weight loss formulas, burn treatments, salves, women’s health formulas, cough syrups and so much. The DVD can show you remedies that are just for kids, too!

The perfect DVD during those months of allergies or illnesses spreading about, as well as for anyone looking to get into herbal medicine.

Foods that Heal

Nicole Carter didn’t stop with herbal medicines. She created a second DVD, Foods that Heal, to show you the best recipes that will help you get the most out of your foods. Different foods have ingredients that boost your body’s ability to perform, function and heal. Nicole demonstrates recipes for foods that will aid in digestion, promote energy and brain function, slow the aging process, boost your sex drive and more! These recipes can’t be found anywhere else!


Daniel Vitalis is all about health and nutrition from nature. He finds the best ways to promote the most health and nutrition from herbs, foods and other natural things. He offers 6 nourishing recipes for drinks that boost different aspects of your body. Some of the drinks build body mass and boost your immune system, others support sexual function and promote relaxation. Still other drink recipes promote top brain function. Check out Elixircraft on DVD today!

Wildcraft Board Game

In the first herbalist board game, you can learn a lot about herbs. Wildcraft Board Game introduces children to the fascinating world of edible and medicinal herbs and plants, and can encourage new herbalists to continue in their passions. The game is based around nature in a way that is easy to connect to with beautiful artwork.

It requires teamwork and cooperation, as most board games do, making this a fantastic game for developing children to learn new skills and information from.


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