Some people are just fortunate enough to fall asleep on their own even if they are in a loud environment. For others, this is impossible because even the smallest sound can wake them up and disrupt their sleep. If this happens repeatedly, it can be harmful to one’s health making them feel tired throughout the day. Researchers have come up with an idea to help those who can’t get sleep on their own. They are in for the idea of using little background sound to help people turn out sleep disruption and have a peaceful night sleep. These little background sounds are what we call white noise. Now, let’s see the idea behind it.

What is White Sound

White sound is basically a combination of various frequencies that are recognizable by the ear. It was discovered in the late 1800s and now people use it to fall asleep. In the real sense, it’s impossible to synthesize all sounds in one and therefore, white noise is that signal created when several frequencies are combined. In some instances, you might hear white sounds in the environment and lack to recognize it. A good example is the soft buzzing sounds emanating from thousands of spectators at once in a sporting event at a stadium.

Music may also be used to help one fall asleep since it was found to be effective in improving sleep quality. But music doesn’t contain a wide range of frequencies that are needed to mask intrusive sounds making it less effective than white noise.

White Noise for Sleep

Opting for white noise to help with sleep could be the beginning of a restful and peaceful night. The idea here is to add white noise to your sleeping environment thus utilizing the principal known as sound masking. Instead of drowning out the offending sounds, they become ‘masked’ by the frequencies of the white noise signal. The masking strategy helps prevent other sounds from stirring one’s consciousness awake. People normally use white sound machines or apps. The apps allow for a steady background noise preventing any form of distractions while you fall asleep.

What Are the Benefits of White Noise?

People are embracing the theory of using white noise to help their body and brain relax and remain asleep the entire night. In fact, for new mothers, this is a good way to help your babies sleep. Unlike the sounds, parents make when trying to comfort their children, white noise is more soothing and calming. Here are other benefits you get from white noise.

1. Helps Build a Bedtime Routine

Even if you don’t have trouble falling asleep it’s good to establish a routine before bed, applicable for both adults and children. Make sleep hygiene a habit.

2. Shuts Down Your Busy Brain

You might be feeling tired and ready for bed and immediately you get inside the blankets your ‘to do list’ start buzzing or personal worries keep lingering around your brain which keeps you awake longer than expected. White noise is the solution. And that’s why some people use it for meditation.

3. Keeps the Bedroom Quiet

For maximum sleep, you need a quiet sleeping environment. White noise neutralizes disturbing sounds creating a quiet atmosphere, regardless of your surrounding or sleeping situation.

4. You Can Bring White Noise with You

While there isn’t much you can do with environmental noise, you can manage it if you got a white sound machine or app. It can help you cope with noise from different hotel rooms especially if you’re traveling.

5. You Sleep More Soundly

You might be among those who wake up multiple times each night, but they don’t really remember it. If you’re in that category, that interruption at night affects the quality of your sleep. Hence, you need to give white noise a try to have a refreshing sleep.

6. Keeps You Asleep the Whole Time

By masking sounds that interrupts your sleep, white noise protects you from waking up in the middle of the night and in case you do it, easily soothes you back to sleep.


If you’ve tried to cut back on caffeine, have a regular bedtime routine or building sleeping habits and still, it isn’t enough to help you fall asleep, it’s time you try white noise. Those wondering if white noise is harmful, the answer is no. In fact, the white noise has been proven beneficial in improving concentration and cognitive performance in ADHD patients. For those who use a white noise machine to help calm their baby, it’s recommended that the volume be as low as possible and not for more than eight hours. Also, for adults, it should be at a reasonable level.

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