It’s the start of a new year and during this time almost everyone proclaims the things they’re going to do in the new year that will make them healthier, wealthier, better and smarter. New Year’s resolutions are meant to help us live the life we desire. For example, if you plan on losing 20 pounds by the end of the new year, this should be your motivating factor to achieve your target over the next 12 months. However, the hardest part about resolutions is not in making them, but in sticking to them. This might prove to be more than challenging for most of us. In fact, studies show that only 20% of people who set resolutions see them through.

The big question here is, “Why is it hard to keep your resolutions?”. Maybe one of the reasons is that you are bored of doing the same thing(s) from January to December. You need something new, interesting, and fun. Below are some ideas for a creative new year’s resolutions.

Start Blogging

This is one of the most interesting ways to organize your thoughts, boost your energy, and come up with new ideas which allow you to connect with your inner thoughts. If blogging makes you happy, why not use this opportunity to do something you love?
Make an attempt of posting regularly, like once a week, to become a devoted blogger and also expose yourself to other creative people.

Have a Sketchbook

By using a sketchbook, you have no pressure to complete your daily goals or struggle to be amazing in every activity you are undertaking that day. Note down the things that come to your mind regularly, and then give yourself time to understand the ideas behind it. This way you become better at implementing the ideas on your mind.

Practice Meditation

Meditation helps in managing stress and anxiety. It also keeps your body fit, improves your mood, and makes you happier. Through meditation, you are able to make better decisions and enhance your thinking, thereby, becoming a better problem solver. Additionally, it’s scientifically proven that meditation has a lot of benefits. Once you begin practicing meditation, it becomes a part of you and for sure it becomes the first new year resolution you never missed.

Replace One Meal a Day with a Smoothie or Fresh Juice

You keep on telling yourself that starting this year you are going to cut on some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. If this is so, why don’t you start with a glass of green smoothie this evening instead of burgers or pizza? It can be quite difficult but with time your body becomes accustomed to it to the extent that you can’t go for a day without eating fruits or vegetables. Come up with a delicious and creative recipe for the fruits you are going to blend every day. You should include more vegetables in the recipe like a spinach smoothie. Your new year goals should be something that you can be proud of.

Learn to Take Occasional Trips

Not only does traveling more make you happy, but it also helps you enjoy life and feel refreshed. Think of it as a way of motivating you to travel more often even if you are on a low budget. Sticking to your budget can also be applied in real life situations like shopping.

Read More

If you want to gain more knowledge or have some bonding time with your kids, then make reading your best friend. It’s a good way to build imagination, be a good storyteller, and get closer to your kids. Find books you love to read and allow the kids to pick books they would love to read as well. This makes things easier because nobody will be forced to read something they don’t like. Furthermore, it makes the reading session more fun and interesting.

Final Thoughts

There are so many creative things to help you attain your new year’s resolutions. Do something that motivates you to become better. Don’t set resolutions that will force your mind to keep up with a routine that is boring or very demanding. This could have a negative impact and you’ll get tired before the first month even ends.

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