Conquer Eczema the Natural Way

Eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by the body’s immune system reacting to food allergens in the blood stream. Eczema has a number of unsightly symptoms including dryness, flaking skin, crusting and skin rashes.

This type of chronic inflammatory disorder is caused by a hyper responsive immune system. There are a number of natural changes that can be made to reduce inflammation, prevent future inflammation and conquer eczema.

Steps to Natural Eczema Treatment

Take steps toward avoiding things that trigger the inflammatory response, recreating the intestinal wall, improving your vitamin D3 levels and increasing the number of anti-inflammatories you ingest.

1. Prevent Inflammatory Triggers

Your body reacted to a “foreign invasion” when it caused the inflammatory response. However, there is a rotten cause to it all. Your body likely contained an overflow of bad organisms in your gut. These “bad organisms” cause heavy damages to your intestinal wall, opening it to allow food particles to enter your bloodstream.

Your body registers these bits of food as invaders and attacks them with full force, causing the problems you experience later. There are some specific food allergens that typically affect the body this way including soy products, eggs, corn, preservatives, peanuts, gluten, artificial flavoring and pasteurized dairy. Eliminate them from your diet to avoid kicking up another allergen reaction.

2. Gut Repair

Repair your gut lining in order to ward off eczema and other chronic inflammatories in a fully natural way. Boost your natural gut flora and bacteria by dining on high quality fermented foods. It will reinstate the right conditions for your body to heal.

Fermented foods deliver powerful probiotics, enzymes and amino acids to annihilate dangerous microorganisms, as well as completely repair your gut lining to prevent the problem from arising again. During the period of healing, fasting off and on is often recommended for 16-18 hours each day, allowing the body to store enzymes and repair faster. You can get what you need from fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi.

3. Raise D3 Levels

Sunbathing is one optimal way that you can raise your D3 levels. Vitamin D3 is a particularly important vitamins for people with chronic inflammatory conditions. While UV light therapy has been effective for those suffering from eczema, its best to simply spend 20-30 minutes enjoying the sun each day.

You can also try using an emulsified vitamin for D3. Preferably, your vitamin D3 levels should be around 70-100 ng/ml, which is considerably more than the medically acceptable 32 ng/ml.

4. Anti-inflammatory Diet

Dining on an anti-inflammatory diet can be the final key to calming your immune system and preventing eczema from arising. You should focus on anti-inflammatory foods, remove any man-made substances and choose healthy fat sources.

Some of the best foods to enjoy are antioxidant-packed vegetables, avocados, grass-fed meat, extra virgin olive oil, coconut products, wild-caught salmon, berries and organic eggs.

Don’t forget about those super herbs, such as cinnamon, rosemary, boswellia, thyme, turmeric, cloves, ginger, oregano and basil.

How are you coping with your eczema issues?



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