There is plenty of information emphasizing on the importance of sleep. During sleep, our bodies repair damaged cells and eliminate cell waste. Collagen is very crucial in showing aging effects on our skin through fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, charcoal absorbs and eliminates toxins that come from everyday processes. When your body is free of all toxins, you get a healthy, radiant, and hydrated skin due to the formation of new cells. Now, here is the collagen charcoal beauty recipe.

Key Ingredients

  • Lemon: Provides vitamin C required by the body. Lavender: A relaxing product with anti-microbial properties.
  • Coconut charcoal: The toxin sucker.
  • Collagen: Has anti-aging properties.
  • Raw honey: Supplies the brain with the energy required during sleep

These ingredients depend on each other in order to produce excellent results. Consuming them provides the body with enough nutrients required for healthy skin. Also, sleeping is important for the body to rejuvenate and form new cells. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sip on the collagen charcoal beauty elixir at night to unwind and repair any damaged cells.

The Recipe

  • One cup of water
  • A scoop of collagen protein
  • One teaspoon of dried lavender
  • A half lemon squeezed to form juice
  • A teaspoon of raw honey
  • Powder from coconut charcoal capsule


Add lavender to boiling water for five minutes and then strain using a mesh strainer. Alternatively, you can use an infuser to steep the lavender. Take one charcoal capsule and the lemon juice and mix them in a cup. Take the steeped lavender tea and combine with charcoal and lemon juice. Slowly while stirring add collagen in, then add honey and mix. Enjoy your drink.

How Collagen Charcoal Beauty Elixir Works

Nutricosmetics are becoming popular as users are embracing the fact that nutrients in supplements are easily absorbed into the bloodstream than whole food. Collagen charcoal beauty elixir is used more by the aging population since they want their skin to stay as young as possible. In fact, many bevarage companies are now adding collagen as part of their ingredient which with no doubt has attracted a huge group of people. Collagen charcoal boosts skin elasticity and hydration, keeps the skin looking younger, improves various elements of skin function and enhances skin health. All thanks to the active ingredients in the drink. The idea here is to make your skin healthier from within. However, it can be hard to understand how a beauty drink ingested in a body system made for foods and medicines can have such an impact on the skin. To answer this; the skin is made up of several layers, the top most being the epidermis, which consists of dead cells.

Just underneath this is the dermis, it hosts the skin’s collagen and elastic fibers, known to give the skin structure and firmness and has a blood supply. Collagen charcoal drink is absorbed in the gut then delivered via blood to the dermis. The drink offers longer-lasting effects to the skin than smothering creams and lotions. In fact, body creams are said to just hydrate the dead cells on the epidermis making them look healthy than they really are. Plus, it’s only a temporary effect as the cream can’t reach the guts where we have living cells. Therefore, the only way to keep your skin glowing is by using a collagen charcoal beauty elixir which starts by cleaning the inside of the body.

Generally, collagen is found naturally in our bodies and it makes up 75 percent of our skin. But it starts to decrease from age 20 at 1.5 percent ever year. Another way in which collagen is lost from our bodies is through too much sun exposure. The theory behind how collagen charcoal works is that when consumed, the ingredients in it tricks our natural occurring collagen in our bodies into becoming more active. The collagen charcoal is said to switch them on and they multiply in numbers. Thus, collagen production in the body goes back to how it was when you were young. A study of 18 women who were subjected to taking collagen charcoal drinks saw a reduction in the fine facial lines and wrinkles after 60 days. This theory seems very convincing but more and better clinical trials should be done.


While sleep is very crucial for healthy-looking skin, so is the vitamin C, collagen, and charcoal found in Collagen Charcoal beauty elixir drink. Apart from healthy skin, this drink also boosts hair and nail growth. Plus, it’s a good vegan formula with natural extracts that are easily accessible. Not forgetting how easily it’s absorbed into the bloodstream.

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