Coffee Grounds for Home and Garden Use

After making yourself a much-needed cup of joe in the morning, you likely toss the expired grounds into the trash. But did you know that these coffee grounds can actually be used in a variety of ways around the home and garden?

Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

Check out the list of uses for coffee grounds below, and it may just encourage you to give those grounds a new life.

1. Compost and Fertilizer

A great addition to your compost pile, used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which help the other materials get broken down into useful nutrients. Not to mention, the coffee grounds may also help mask the potent odor wafting from your compost pile! Coffee grounds also make for an excellent natural fertilizer, thanks to their richness in nitrogen. Adding in some used coffee grounds to your soil before planting will help encourage nitrogen absorption by the soil and your plants.

2. Natural Wood Stainer

Although it may sounds odd, coffee grounds actually make for an excellent and effective natural wood stainer. Simply take your once-used coffee grounds and add to your french press/coffee pot, pour boiling water over the grounds and allow to sit for a minimum of two hours (but preferably overnight).

After it is done sitting, filter out the coffee grounds and pour the coffee/water into the container you will use while staining, and simply brush on the coffee ground stain as you would paint. Continue adding layers until you have the desired shade, waiting about 10-15 minutes between applications. This stain can also be applied with a washcloth or cotton ball to spot-treat small areas and erase scratches and signs of wear.

3. Bug Repellant

Mosquitoes and other bugs do not like the scent of coffee grounds, and will avoid it when possible. This makes used coffee grounds an excellent natural bug repellant for use on people and plants. To create a repellant, burn some used coffee grounds in a tin can or aluminum foil to keep the bugs away, especially as dusk.

You can also mix the used grounds with some water into a spray bottle, and apply on plants and other areas affected by mosquitoes or other bugs. Sprinkling used coffee grounds throughout your garden will also help to keep bugs away, while providing extra nutrients for your plants as well.

4. Coffee Candle

If you love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafting through the house, then this is for you. Simply use a metal-based wick and alternating layers of used coffee grounds and melted beeswax to fill your heat-proof jar of choice. Allow the beeswax to set between layers, then once hardened, light the candle at your pleasure.

5. Natural Body Scrub

Combine ½ cup used coffee grounds and ½ cup sugar with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (or other carrier oil of your choice). Use this scrub all over dry skin, rinsing off with warm water in a slow, circular manner. This scrub will not only help tighten and hydrate your skin, but can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

6. Dish-Scrubbing Power

If you need some extra muscle when scrubbing your dishes, add some used coffee grounds to your soap. The grounds will act as a gentle and natural exfoliator, helping to release the food remnants from your dishes.

Clearly, those coffee grounds deserve more than just a date with the trash can after being used only once. Try some of these alternative uses for coffee grounds to improve the appearance (or smell) of your home and garden.







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