Budwig Protocol 101: The Answer to Cancer

Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German doctor who cured all types of cancer using only non-toxic ingredients and remedies. Contrary to contemporary treatments for cancer, Dr. Budwig’s treatment was cheap, quick, easy, permanent, and natural.

In fact, her treatment was so successful that she cured 90% of all patients that came to her, even those that had been deemed as terminal.

Uncovering the Truth

The sad reality is that companies (especially those pharmaceutical companies) that benefit financially from cancer have worked hard to suppress this effective remedy.

It is no secret that there is money to be made in the cancer industry; either from the chemotherapy treatments, the supplements and many drugs needed to deal with side effects of chemotherapy, or donations to cancer research that never actually happens.

Cancer is likely a result of actions of man: it was rare in ancient times, and even 70 years ago, but now one in every three people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetimes.

Whether it’s from the pollution in our air, soil, or water, antibiotics in our food, or a plethora of other potential sources, it cannot be denied that the occurrence of cancer is increasing rapidly.

Why, then, is more work not being done to find the obvious answers regarding cancer? Because it is simply too profitable of an industry for anyone to cure.

Causes of Cancer

There is an unholy trinity of cancer made up of toxins, radiation, and acidosis. Many of us are familiar with the many sources of toxins and radiation that we encounter every day.

Acidosis is often a result of malnutrition, but more often as a side effect of pharmaceuticals. Acidosis leads to cancerous tumors because it deprives cells of necessary oxygen, which leads to an ingestion of other by-products that are in the blood (such as carbon dioxide).

The oxygen-deprived cells mutate as a means of survival, and thus a tumor is born. Eventually, this process inundates the immune system to the point where it can no longer remove unhealthy cells from the body, and the cancer spreads.

As Dr. Otto Warburg found out decades ago, healthy oxygenation of the blood and cells is a key ingredient to stopping and preventing cancer.

Budwig Protocol: The Cure

Dr. Johanna Budwig capitalized on this research by Dr. Warburg and utilized oxygenation to cure her cancer patients. Her cure required eliminating harmful foods and fats from the body that contributed to cellular oxygen starvation. These useless foods were replaced with healing foods rich in fatty acids, particularly quark cheese and flaxseed oil.

In addition to the natural diet component, Dr. Budwig also encouraged her patients to get plenty of sunlight, which provides an individual with ample vitamin D to help fight cancerous cells, as well as mood-boosting benefits.

Flaxseed oil is used because of the safe and effective levels of omega-3 oils, and the body’s ability to successfully synthesize the omega-3s from this particular source. This can be taken orally, except for in the most severe cases where an enema is necessary.

This supplement is to be combined with consumption of quark cheese as well as a special diet, all of which are detailed below. Impressive results are seen in as short as one week, and definitely within 90 days.

Flaxseed and Quark Cheese

Dr. Budwig created a special “flaxseed muesli” that should be consumed 1-2 times per day for cancer patients or one time per week for those seeking to prevent cancer.

You can also combine the muesli into a smoothie for easier consumption. Make this flaxseed muesli by following this recipe:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of honey to 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds in a bowl (it is imperative for efficacy that the flax seeds are freshly ground)
  • Mix together some fresh, organic fruits (excluding bananas)
  • Combine 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to 100 grams (or 7 tablespoons) of quark cheese. Add approximately 3 tablespoons of unhomogenized (aka creamline) milk to make the mixture smooth. Blend the mixture and add it to the bowl from the first step, along with the fruit.
  • Optional ingredients for improved flavor include cayenne pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, or garlic. You can also sprinkle some organic nuts on top.

In addition to this remedy that was consumed daily, Dr. Budwig incorporated flaxseed oil or freshly-ground flax seeds into the diets of her patients every three hours.

While she used Limonel (which is only available in Germany), you can combine the oil or freshly-ground flaxseed with some honey, and consume 2 tablespoons every 3 hours.

This alone is an extremely effective remedy for those diagnosed with cancer, as is evident by Dr. Budwig’s success rate.

For those that are merely trying to prevent cancer, 3-4 grams of flaxseed oil can be consumed with 3 fluid ounces of sulphur proteins (quark cheese or one of the substitutes mentioned later) on a daily basis.

For treating and preventing cancer, flax should never be cooked and should not be stored after it has been ground.

Individuals on this diet are urged to pay close attention to flax that may be hiding in other foods consumed; flax should ONLY be consumed as mentioned in the above recipe.

The Diet

In order to aid the efficiency of this flaxseed combination, Dr. Budwig also put her patients on a strict diet. Below are the essential do’s and don’t’s of this diet:

  • Absolutely no sugar. Grape juice or honey may be added as a natural sweetener.
  • Avoid pure animal fats (e.g. lard, drippings, etc.).
  • Only homemade, natural salad dressings and toppings should be consumed.
  • No commercial mayonnaise.
  • No meats unless organic and range-fed.
  • No butter or butter substitutes (including margarine).
  • Freshly-squeezed vegetable juices should be consumed regularly.
  • Consume hot tea at least three times per day. Some ideal options include peppermint, rosehip, or grape tea (sweetened only with honey).
  • Avoid ALL artificial sweeteners.
  • Avoid all soft drinks, processed foods, and chemically altered foods.
  • Do not consume water that has been treated with fluoride.
  • All foods need to be freshly prepared and consumed immediately; no leftovers and no reheating (this means definitely no microwaving!).
  • Avoid processed and simple starch, including white bread, white rice, and white flour.
  • Trade in your table salt for a high-quality sea salt.
  • Do not use fish oil and avoid all non-flax sources of omega-3. You may consume fish and pasture-raised eggs, but the fish should never be fried.

Alternatives to Quark Cheese

Since many will not be able to easily obtain quark cheese, here are some acceptable alternatives, in order of most desirable to least: goat milk cheese, non-homogenized yogurt, and soft cheeses, or cottage cheese.

This last group is often homogenized and is, therefore, the least desirable, but often the most affordable option. If you opt for one of the homogenized items, be sure to supplement with vitamin C and folate.

Flaxseed Tips

The flaxseed oil used needs to be protected from air, heat, and light (or it will become irreversibly and harmfully rancid); keep it refrigerated and sealed. It should be organic and cold-pressed. Opened bottles must be used or discarded within 24 hours.

If you are using this method as a preventive measure only, you may purchase dark, light-resistant flaxseed oil capsules instead; puncture the capsules just before use and use the oil within. Everyone should avoid flax that is present in pre-made foods, from cereals and granola to flax flour.

Other Suggestions

Other suggestions that may improve the efficacy of this remedy include avoiding all hydrogenated oils, attempting to wean off all pharmaceuticals as much as possible, supplementing the diet with chlorophyll, taking 1 gram of vitamin C daily, and eating an alkaline diet.

You should also avoid most sunscreens and cosmetics, as they are full of harmful chemicals.

Contrary to some beliefs. Dr. Budwig did not endorse a low-fat diet; in fact, many of these artificial diets are part of the cancer problem in the first place.

Because the body’s pH level is crucial to this treatment, it is optimal to drink a lemon and pineapple drink every day to regulate the body’s pH.

It is also recommended that you avoid all vaccines, and filter all water, from that which is used in your shower to what you fill your vaporizer with. It is also best to avoid soy products and canola oil.

Final Words

What can be a better than a cancer treatment that has a 90% success rate? This protocol discussed here is the tried-and-true protocol of Dr. Budwig. There have, however, been many imposters since, and it is important that you do not buy into these scams.

If you would like more information on Dr. Budwig and her work, her books are listed below. No other outside sources should be adhered to without carefully being vetted.

The Works of Dr. Johanna Budwig:


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