There’s always a debate between whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding is best. It’s something that we’ll touch on here but let’s make one thing clear – there’s no right or wrong. Whatever you decide is best for you and your baby is fine by us. Bottle feeding is great because other members of the family can feed the baby and give mom a break. Breastfeeding is great because it can help to fuse a bond between the mother and her child. You could try both and see which one works for you on a practical level and go with that, or you could try both methods and see which one feels right for you on an emotional level. Either way, it’s your choice.

Breast Milk

Health experts all across the world agree that breast milk is best for children. It offers the best nutrition for infants, but formula milk is now so good that there’s very little to distinguish one from the other. New mothers do have the option of using a breast pump to extract their milk which is then stored and feed to the child whenever the little one is hungry. This is a best of both world’s scenario in which the child has the goodness of its mother’s milk but the mother isn’t tied to the child at a time that’s exhausting and stressful for new moms.


Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for new mothers, but it can also be a little uncomfortable if the child and mom aren’t yet in sync with one another. Although it’s recommended by leading health organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization, it remains your choice as the mother. There are a lot of known health benefits that come from breastfeeding but the bond it helps develop between mom and baby is one of its biggest benefits.

Health Benefits

For many years, breastfeeding was thought to prevent allergies from developing, although some scientists will tell you that there’s no research to support this claim. Studies undertaken at the Uppsala University in Sweden concluded that breastfeeding does not help prevent allergies. Even if breastmilk doesn’t affect a person’s chance of developing allergies, research shows that breastfed infants are less prone to infections. They are also at less risk of developing diabetes later in life, and they have a lower risk of becoming obese.


Breastmilk is easy for babies to digest and it’s packed with all the nutrients your infant needs. It’s the perfect food for them as it contains protein, lactose, and fat, all in a milk that’s easy for little ones to digest. This means that breastfed babies have less problem with diarrhea and constipation. A mother’s milk also contains the vitamins and minerals the newborn child needs, with the exception of vitamin D, which health organizations recommend is given to the child from the age of two months.

It’s Free, Tasty and Convenient

Of course, breastmilk is free so that’s one expense new parents don’t have to cover but in itself that’s not a good enough reason to breastfeed your child. Moms need to eat an extra 300 to 500 calories when producing breastmilk, which changes flavor depending on what the mom’s eaten, so breastfeeding introduces your child to new flavors. Breastmilk is also very convenient. There’s no rush to the shop in the middle of the night to get formula, and there’s no need to sterilize bottle after bottle.

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