Benefits and Uses of Gentian Root (Gentiana)

The gentian is a perennial plant that is found in grassy areas of the Himalayas and the Alps. The root of this plant takes up to 10 growing seasons to mature. The potential of this herb for therapeutic use was first introduced to the world by the king of ancient Illyria, and two thousand years since its discovery, it continues to be an essential medical herb.

It is one of the bitterest herbs out there. The gentian root, when dried and matured, has medicinal properties that aid in the treatment of a number of medical concerns.

Benefits of  Gentiana

Gentiana is a great herb for treating a variety of digestive problems, such as an upset stomach, the loss of an appetite, overeating, diarrhea, intestinal gas, bloating, heartburn and vomiting; it stimulates the digestive tract and treats stomach disorders. When used in conjunction with other herbs, it helps clear sinuses and symptoms associated with a sinus infection.

The gentian root applied directly onto the skin helps treat and heal wounds and potentially cancer.

Other uses of gentian root is for high blood pressure, fever, hysteria, muscle spasms and for treatment of parasitic worms, killing germs, and stimulating the start of the menstrual cycle.

How to Use

To help clear sinuses, take a product containing gentian roots, European elderflower, cowslip flower, sorrel, and verbena and consume three times in a day. This combination of herbs decreases swelling and soothes the symptoms of sinus infection.

Gentian roots can be prepared as tea, tonic, and tinctures. To make tea, take the dried, chopped roots of gentian and add a teaspoon into the kettle. Boil for approximately 20 minutes. To counteract the bitter taste, combine with other herbs or honey.

Use a gentian root supplement and add a few drops into water to drink after every meal will help stimulate the digestion of food. This extract can also be directly applied to skin for treatment of wounds and tumors.


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