Who is better qualified to make your beauty products than you? We all know what we like and how we want our cosmetics to feel or look like. People spend a fortune in every new beauty product in the market some with the promise of giving you a fine-looking skin. Sometimes when we find that particular product that works to our expectations we tend to buy it month in, month out, until proven otherwise. But this article shows you how to make these beauty products at home. And you can make quite a number of them by just swapping ingredients. Plus, you will be using the ingredients you already have at home that suit your skin type.

Body Lotion Bars

The common ingredients you can use to make your preferred kind of lotion include coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter. These four items can make a large variety of lotion products with ease. Additionally, lotion bars that aren’t liquid can last indefinitely and are very moisturizing. For example, we have:

  • Simple lotion bars
  • DIY sunscreen lotion bars
  • Pain relief lotion bars
  • Homemade lotion bars
  • Bronzing lotion bars

Also, you can find other recipes online on how to make homemade lotion using the above ingredients. Master the procedure and you will never think of buying any lotion bars again.

Body Scrubs

The price for salt- and sugar-like body scrub goes for around $20 or more. This is quite high when you can comfortably make your own at home using less than a dollar. Body scrubs make the body incredibly soft and they can make a great gift. Body scrubs have endless variation with these two being the easiest; DIY sugar scrub and homemade magnesium body scrub. After learning how to make them, you can experiment with fun scents like a vanilla latte sugar scrub or sugar scrub cubes.

Face Wash or Cleansers

Face cleansers and moisturizing products are among the most expensive beauty products on the market and you can’t do without them especially if you love to use makeups. Now, using natural alternatives isn’t just an option, they are better. Try natural oil cleansing method and you will never think of buying cleansers from the stores. Homemade cleansers reduce acne, moisturize dry skin, and soften skin. Basically, oil-based cleansers remove impurities better than harsh soaps. Using soaps risk stripping your face its natural oils leaving the skin vulnerable.


Most people don’t believe that homemade deodorant really works until they use them. To make them you need coconut oil, baking soda, and optional arrowroot and shea butter. These ingredients work for all body types. However, those sensitive to baking powder should use it in a limited amount or opt for a magnesium oil spray which works too. Also, avoid applying aluminum and other additives linked to cancer to your armpits. They block the natural function of sweating which is to excrete waste. With homemade deodorant, you don’t have to worry about clogged pores and diseases that come with it.

Hair Spray

Sea salt makes one of the best hair sprays you can have. While at the beach, you might notice that your hair has more texture and volume. We all love that feeling and you can get that same look by using sea salt hair spray. Note that this isn’t just like any other hair spray that holds the hairstyle in place, when spritzed and scrunched into the hair it gives volume and texture making your hair feel thicker. This hair spray is inexpensive and completely natural.

Dry Shampoo

If you have fine or thin hair, it will show oil dirt more easily than thick hair. Almost all the shampoos in the stores have a hard time removing oil from your hair. And of course, not everyone enjoys shampooing their hair every single day. Therefore, you need a solution that will tone down any oiliness in your head. Dry shampoos work better than in-store options and it doesn’t have aerosol or chemicals. Arrowroot or cornstarch can be used to make this spray which comes in the form of powder.


In addition to that, if you want a quick facial you can use a honey mask. Wet your face then scrub with honey and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and splash with cool water to close pores. In fact, having things like arrowroot powder, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils, are handy if you want to make any beauty product. All you need is a recipe and mixing the ingredients in their right amounts then you’re ready to go. Remember to cleanse your face regularly and try to avoid using harsh chemicals on your face.

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