Argan Oil: Phenomenal for Hair and Skin

Argan oil, often used in hair and skin care, is full of necessary nutrients. There’s vitamins D, A and E, along with squalene, antioxidants, carotene, the good fatty acids, sterols, phenols and phenolic acid. Combined, these deliver incredible effects to the human body.

Argan oil builds collagen naturally, as well as softens dry skin, reduces wrinkles, regulates your body’s sebum production and defends against free radical damages. In hair, it is noticeably shinier, smoother and less greasy, while also repairing the damage that daily wear and tear can do.

Argan Oil Recipes

Below are several natural argan oil recipes. It’s important to remember as you continue that a little of this “liquid gold” goes a long way!

1. Face and Hand Moisturizer

After you’ve cleaned your face, either before bed or after you wake up in the morning, apply a drop or so to your skin. It is easily absorbed into your skin, replenishing your dermis. You can rub it into your hands and cuticles to soften them.

2. Massage Oil

You’ll need:

  • 4 ounces of argan oil
  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oils

You can mix different scents, simply divide the number of drops between them. You can create various moods using different essential blends. Mix the oils together, and you can start your massage.

3. Body Butter

You’ll need:

You don’t have to include the essential oils. Place the shea butter into a mixer, and beat until it is soft. You can soften it some in the oven, but don’t melt it. Once it’s soft, gradually pour the Argan oil, and blend once it’s added. Blend in the cornstarch then add the essential oils. Mix it well and spoon into the jar.

4. After Shower Moisturizer

Mix 20 to 25 drops of essential oils into 8 ounces of argan oil. You can apply this moisturizer after your shower but before toweling off.

5. Acne Treatment

You can treat acne and problem spots it.

You’ll need:

Combine in a single, small and sterile container. Apply to small spots using a Qtip.

6. Hot Oil Hair Repair

You’ll need:

Massage the Argan through your hair and scalp. Wrap your hair into a hot towel and leave for an hour. Wash your hair thoroughly to remove the oil. Try heating the oil to warm, working it into hair and scalp for even better results.

7. Hair Repair: Quick!

Combine 4 ounces of argan oil and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil as you desire. Repair all over your hair by applying a small amount to hair that has been toweled dry, preferably still damp. For dry ends, apply straight to the ends of your hair.

8. Scalp Correction

Mix 10 drops of an essential oil – either spikenard or cedarwood – into 4 ounces of argan oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp before bed, and wash it out in the morning.

Essential Oils and Argan Oil

You can use a combination of essential oils with Argan oil (a carrier oil). Some are even better to pair with Argan to target skin and hair conditions.

  • Bergamot essential oil has been used for dermatitis, and dry/oily skin.
  • Cedarwood is great for acne prone/dry/oily skin. It provides relief from itching, dandruff, eczema and other conditions.
  • Fennel oil is primarily for mature, dull or oily skin.
  • Use grapefruit oil for congested skin, and as a toner for your hair/body.
  • Jasmine is ideal for irritated skin, and lemon for oiliness in skin and hair.
  • Neroli balances your pH and sebum. It also boosts skin cell regeneration and prevents scarring.
  • Palmarosa is useful against acne, and great for mature skin.
  • Rosemary is a hair and skin toner that promotes hair growth.
  • Spikenard is great for wrinkles or skin conditions.
  • Sweet orange brightens and softens skin.
  • Tangerine moisturizes, tones and softens oily skin.

Have you tried using this marvelous liquid gold?

Photo credit: Martin and Kathy Dady/Flickr


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