We must admit, citrus fruits have been a part of our diets and nutrition for as long as we can remember. They come in different varieties, some sweet and some bitter. What makes them a healthy addition to our diet is the vitamin C content that is responsible for keeping diseases away and also has anti-aging effects. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit, mandarins, pomelos, among many other varieties. They can be eaten raw, juiced or added to desserts.

Benefits of Citrus Fruits for the Skin Remove Wrinkles

Apart from the refreshing scent of citrus fruits, they are also rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which is a major nutrient known to boost skin health. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen, a compound that’s responsible for skin elasticity. As we age, our bodies ability to produce sufficient collagen drops, causing wrinkles to develop. Eating citrus fruits regularly rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful look.

Treats Acne and Removes Dark Spots and Blemishes

Over time, bacteria and excess dirt block the pores of your skin, causing an acne breakout. The high citric acid content in citrus fruits can help dry acne and pimples. You can also use the peels of citrus fruits such as oranges as a face or body scrub. Simply dry the peels and grind them to form a powder. You can then mix the orange peel powder with milk and apply the cream on your face to get rid of the dark spots and blemishes.

Lighten Your Skin

Citrus fruits, being excellent exfoliants, help remove dead skin and cleanse your skin. In the process, your skin clears becoming lighter and brighter. Here’s a face wash that you can try right at home. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and mix it with one teaspoon of turmeric powder to form a paste. Apply this paste generously on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water to bring back the youth on your skin.

Keeps skin Moisturized

Do you struggle with dry patched skin? Forget expensive cosmetic products that promise heaven on earth. Your answer lies on the cheap and easily available citrus fruits. Not only do they help to soften dry skin, but citrus fruits also help to treat skin conditions like discoloration, and chapped hands, among others.

Benefits of Citrus Fruits for Hair

Eliminate Dandruff

Citrus fruits are naturally acidic and when introduced to the hair, create an unfavorable environment for bacteria to live. Lemon juice deep cleans your scalp and removes dandruff. As a bonus, lemon juice helps to make your hair shinier and thicker.

For Strong Hair

Collagen not only prevents wrinkles from forming, but it also helps strengthen your hair reducing hair breakage. To make your hair more manageable, squeeze the juice of one lemon and mix with your shampoo when washing your hair.

For Hair Growth

To boost hair growth, lemon juice is also highly effective. Mixed with coconut water, it will unclog your pores and nourish your scalp and follicles, triggering healthy hair growth. All you need is one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon coconut water. Mix them together and gently massage onto your scalp. Let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing off. For dry scalp, grapefruit helps to remove the build-up of chemicals caused by using commercial shampoos and conditioners. Mix one tablespoon of grapefruit and four tablespoons of coconut oil and massage onto your scalp. Shampoo your hair after 25 minutes.

Benefits of Citrus Fruits for Health Fight Infection

Citrus fruits are loaded with folic acid, a type of vitamin B, known to prevent kidney disease. Grapefruits are especially effective in fighting infections and promote the supply of citrate in urine which can help prevent kidney stones.

Protect Against Cancer

The majority of citrus fruits are packed with flavonoids and limonoids. These two compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor cells in the body. Studies have suggested that citrus fruits, especially grapefruit can help lower the risk of lung cancer. Other studies have shown that citrus fruits can help protect against breast cancer, stomach, pancreatic and esophageal cancer.

Boost Heart Health

According to a recent study in Japan, lower rates of stroke and heart disease were directly linked to eating citrus fruits. Grapefruits were found to reduce systolic blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Anti-Inflammatory Agents Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are primarily caused by the breakdown of cells in the nervous system and inflammation. The high content of flavonoids in citrus fruits may aid in reducing inflammation and protect the nervous system. Several studies support the fact that citrus fruits help boost brain function in older adults.

Boost Immunity

Citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants which are vital for our immune system. It’s not a myth that during the cold season we are encouraged to drink more lemon juice mixed with hot water. This is because citrus fruits enhance your immune system to prevent colds, flu, and sore throat. Conclusion To enjoy the full benefits of citrus fruits:

  • Eat them early in the morning after a light breakfast or on an empty stomach
  • Opt for fresh organic citrus fruits to avoid contamination
  • Don’t wait until you catch a cold to star using lemon. Take it regularly to revamp your immune system As you can see, citrus fruits are must-have in your home. So, next time you go grocery shopping, put citrus fruit on top of your list.

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