Why Aluminum Foil Should Not Be Used For Cooking Or Storing Leftovers

Many of us use aluminum foil on a regular basis and think nothing of it. Whether we wrap our fish in it before cooking it, or use it to cover up leftovers, aluminum foil is used almost daily in the average kitchen. Recently, however, it has become obvious that aluminum foil might not be as harmless as we once thought.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, Cognitive Disorders, and Neurological Diseases

About 40 years ago, scientists first became concerned with aluminum, particularly in the form of deodorants. The scientific community found a link between the aluminum in most deodorants and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A recent case study performed by Keele University in the United Kingdom showed a direct link between a man’s inhalation of aluminum (through his job) and the onset of, and eventual death caused by, Alzheimer’s.

Research has also linked aluminum to other cognitive disorders, such as ADHD, Parkinson’s, autism, and more. Aluminum in the body also inhibits the body’s ability to naturally detoxify itself.

The problem was, and is, that the body can flush out small amounts of aluminum from the body with no issue, but when there is too much for the body to effectively deal with, then it gets stored in the tissues.

Aluminum is often found in the brains of those suffering from many of the cognitive issues mentioned above, especially Alzheimer’s. Because we are likely exposed to aluminum more often than we realize, whether it’s in the food we eat, the water we drink, or the cooking utensils we’re using, it is crucial not to inundate our bodies with this element. To avoid doing so, aluminum foil should not be cooked with or used to even cover up your leftovers.

Food Contamination

Although aluminum is often found in many pots and pans, it is in small amounts and there is a layer between the aluminum and the product being cooked, so the risk there is minimal. With aluminum foil however, the aluminum is in direct contact with the product to be consumed.

A recent study showed that cooking food, in this case meats, in aluminum foil significantly increased the aluminum concentration. A 2006 study showed that cooking red meat or chicken in aluminum foil raised its aluminum content anywhere from 100-200%.

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Clearly, by cooking foods in aluminum foil, this transfers unhealthy amounts of aluminum from the foil to the food, which is then of course consumed by humans. Especially when liquid foods and spices are used, aluminum leaches onto the foods quite easily and of course it cannot then be removed.

Most of us marinate our fish in some combination of oil or lemon and sprinkle a few spices on it, making just this one dish a huge risk for aluminum poisoning.

How to Avoid Aluminum Poisoning?

  • Try cooking with glass and ceramic cookware instead.
  • Do not cover leftovers with aluminum, and instead opt for placing them in BPA-free tupperware with lids.
  • Use saran wrap as another option for covering leftovers.
  • Avoid antiperspirants containing aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride, or aluminum-zirconium compounds and toothpaste containing aluminium oxyhydroxide.

Because we naturally and unavoidably consume or absorb some amount of aluminum every day, it is so crucial so eliminate the sources of aluminum from our lives that we do have some control over. To protect yourself, your brain health, and your family’s health, stop cooking with aluminum foil immediately.








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