All Natural DIY Fabric Stain Remover

Using non-toxic cleaners is a great way to remove the toxins from your home. Commercial cleaners, like laundry detergent, fabric softener and fabric stain removers, can leave toxins lingering in the air and around your home. Aside from these chemicals, it is a huge money saver to create your own cleaners using natural ingredients.

The following stain remover recipe is far more effective than commercial ones, which typically only work if applied the second something dirty gets on it.

Using Natural Fabric Stain Remover

This recipe will create an extremely useful natural stain remover for clothing and other fabrics. To use the remover optimally, rinse your fabric with water as soon as you are able to. The ideal time is to do this immediately, however not everyone is able to. Follow this by spraying the remover over the areas as soon after as you can.

Rub the liquid into the area to saturate it, and then leave it for half an hour to an hour. The extra time is necessary because naturally made cleaners lack to powerful chemicals and cleaning agents that are used in the commercial products.

The natural fabric stain remover is created using lemon essential oil, leaving a fresh lemon scent that isn’t artificial. Lemon oil is hypoallergenic, making it great for sensitive skin. You can always make alterations to the recipe to create your own scents and strengths. Some oils, such as orange, can give the cleaner a yellowish tint. The lemon scented doesn’t leave stains or residue, even if left to sit for several days at a time.

Homemade Lemon Scented Stain Remover Recipe

There are five simple ingredients.

You will need:

Mix all of these together and store it in a glass spray bottle. You can use a plastic squeeze bottle as well. Before you using, shake the bottle well to disperse everything thoroughly. Spray on the spot and rub with your fingers. Let it sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour for best results.

Remember to rinse out the stain spot with water as quickly as possible. This will allow you to pre-treat the stain before you use the stain remover. Natural solutions require patience and time to allow them to perform the same job that a commercial, chemical-filled cleaner would do. Don’t forget that you’re in this to avoid toxins!

Why Switch from Commercial Stain Removers?

Commercial stain removers are packed with a ton of different chemicals. They are often flammable, dangerous for children and pets, and may not even work properly for the stain at hand. Plus, a few of the chemicals found in most commercial stain removers include sodium borate, disodium tetraborate and boric acid.

These chemicals can leave residue behind that can negatively affect our bodies. They can create respiratory irritations, chemical burns and some have even lead to cancerous effects. They are are dangerous to children and pets, especially if swallowed, giving all the more reasons to switch to all-natural cleaning products and tools.

Keep your home and family safe from these toxins without sacrificing your cleanliness. Make your own fabric stain remover using natural ingredients!

Apart from using commercial cleaners, how do you remove stains from fabric? Please share with us below.



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