Depression can affect anyone. In fact, one out of seven individuals will suffer from a depressive episode at some point in their life. It can be brought on by different triggers that you might not even realize. Research also shows that around 150 million people around the world suffer from this condition. While some people […]

Life can be demanding and hectic, leading to stress and anxiety. Health professionals urge us all to find ways to de-stress and relax, but that usually seems easier said than done. Essential oils, however, are your natural super-power to effectively and safely help you relax and let go of feelings of anxiety and depression. Essential […]

Depression can be a very frustrating condition, both for the sufferer and for the loved ones. It is often characterized by lack of interest, tiredness, extreme sadness, disturbed sleep, a drastic change in eating patterns, feelings of guilt, helplessness, or hopelessness, and decline in self-esteem, to mention a few. Natural Treatments for Depression Many prescription […]

Swimming is definitely one of the many recreational activities we can choose to monitor and control our weight. Swimming isn’t just a way to pass those lazy summer days. And while most people typically choose to swim in pools, swimming in the ocean also has positive effects. Seawater has tons of benefits, offering relief to […]

Stress and anxiety seem to be natural by-products of life, especially now in this high-tech, always-on-the-go society. But constantly suffering from stress and feelings of anxiety can take a serious toll on your health, including heart issues and a weakened immune system. Although many of us would like to change our lifestyles to reduce stress, […]

Native to the Mediterranean region, and occasionally found in northern Africa, Borage is highly popular for its appearance, particularly during a full bloom, when it becomes bright blue with five triangular petals, earning it the nickname ‘starflower’. It prefers sunny areas, though it doesn’t have specific nutritional requirements. It produces on its own, and grows […]

Green tea provides many health benefits that most people are unaware of. Because it is processed differently than black tea, the green options retains more of its naturally-occurring antioxidants and polyphenols. Health Benefits of Green Tea Check out the amazing benefits of drinking green tea discussed below. 1. Diabetes Help Regularly drinking green tea can […]

Turmeric is a root that not only provides phenomenal flavor to curries and other dishes, but also provides many health benefits. The active component in turmeric root is called curcumin, and this has been shown to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As research on this “super root” has continued, scientists have found that turmeric is […]

For many, riding a bike is seen only as a way to quickly get from one place to the next. Cycling, however, is actually a great cardiovascular exercise that provides your body with a multitude of benefits. It is also an exercise that is easy for almost everyone to do, as it is low-impact and […]

We all know that massages feel amazing, but you may not know that they are also very, very good for your overall health. There are many different types of massages, from traditional Swedish to deep-tissue. Below you’ll learn more about the many benefits that massage can offer, as well as the various options available. Health […]

Eliminating candida overgrowth starts with your diet. Candida feeds on sugars from carbohydrates, yeast and other moldy foods that the body transforms into sugar. Stay away from allergens that can challenge your immune system, as you need it to remain focused on cleaning out the candida. What Causes Candida? Taking oral contraceptives Taking antibiotics (this […]

Essential oils have been in use for centuries for a number of reasons, including their health purposes, medicinal properties and often delightful scents. They can be used to aid in housework, provide aromatherapy, protect your immune system and care for your body. The oils are made using every part of the plants, from the flowers […]

There are a plethora of herbs out there that you can always grow. Sometimes, the options can be overwhelming. To help with this conundrum, this list of herbs that you should grow reflects some of the most basic and beneficial herbs that everyone should include in their herb garden. These are simple to grow, perfect […]