9 Powerful Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

Your kidneys are responsible for removing toxins and waste from your bloodstream, which means they are kept pretty busy! Shaped like a bean and located in the abdomen, these organs help to regulate blood pressure, increase blood cell production, and synthesize vitamin D.

Kidney Cleansing Herbs

If you feel that your kidneys may be a little tired or overworked lately, a kidney cleanse using various herbs may be the perfect solution. Below are some of the best herbs for kidney cleansing.

1. Chanca Piedra

This herb has been well-known, especially in South America, for its ability to support the kidneys. Clinical trials have shown its effectiveness in supporting kidney, bladder, and liver health. Take this herb in forms of capsules or tincture.

2. Goldenrod

Goldenrod has been used for thousands of years to promote overall urinary tract health and to help with detoxifying the kidneys. It is commonly taken in tincture form, or used to make tea.

3. Hydrangea Root

Another herb that has been used by generations, hydrangea root has been taken to promote kidney and bladder health. This herb acts as a solvent and may be able to make the passing of kidney stones easier. In addition, its ability to help the body process calcium effectively may prevent kidney stones in the first place. Use hydrangea root to make tea, or take in capsule or tincture form.

4. Horsetail

Well-known for its diuretic properties, this weed is able to flush the kidneys and the entire urinary tract. It also contains antioxidants that help support kidney and renal system health. This herb is easy to find in your local health food store and can be taken as a tea, tincture, or in capsule form.

5. Celery Root

Celery root is a natural diuretic, which helps the body get rid of toxins by increasing urine output, and it has long been recognized as a stimulating tonic for kidney health. Celery seeds are also effective for kidney support. Get it in capsule form as well.

6. Marshmallow Root

Effective in soothing the muscles of the urinary tract, marshmallow root is another gentle diuretic. By increasing urine output, diuretics help rid the body of toxins and waste. Use the root to make tea, or get it in capsule or tincture form.

7. Gravel Root

Native Americans and early American colonists appreciated this root for its ability to improve kidney and urinary health. Studies also suggest that it may be effective in preventing infections throughout the body, and especially in the urinary tract. Use gravel root to make tea, or purchase it in tincture form.

8. Bearberry /Uva-Ursi

Also known as uva-ursi, this herb is used by many cultures to improve kidney health. Because it is an astringent, it is able to soothe and tone the urinary tract and successfully cleanse the kidneys. Take in capsules, tincture, or make it into a tea.

9. Parsley

Easily accessible and easy to incorporate in your diet, parsley is a great herb for kidney health. It is successful in reducing toxin buildup in the kidneys and throughout the urinary tract. If not grown at home, fresh parsley can be bought at your local farmer’s market or supermarket, but be sure that you’re buying organic.


Your kidneys are constantly busy monitoring and cleaning out toxins and waste in your body. To avoid overworking them and to encourage kidney and urinary tract health, you can incorporate one or many of these herbs into your diet. In addition to incorporating these herbs into your routine, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of pure water throughout the day, and ensure that you get enough sleep.





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