9 Natural Remedies for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, occurs when your body does not have enough sugar in its system to use as fuel. The result can include headaches, shakiness, confusion, irritability, anxiety, and weakness. While any period of hypoglycemia should be reported to your physician, there are some natural remedies that you can turn to for immediate and continued relief.

Natural Remedies for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

The goal of these remedies is to stabilize the body’s sugar levels and supply the body with a constant source of energy.

1. Apples

Apples (organic) are rich in chromium and magnesium, which both help regulate blood sugar. Shoot for two apples a day. If hypoglycemia hits you often, be sure to keep an apple or two nearby.

2. Molasses

Molasses has been found to be very useful when fighting low blood sugar. You can make a homemade tonic by adding a small amount of molasses to a glass of water for a lemonade-like beverage, preventing the weak-kneed feeling that accompanies hypoglycemia. As a daily remedy, drink twice a day.

3. Dandelion Root

Because it is an excellent source of calcium, dandelion is great for hypoglycemia sufferers. The calcium in the root assists with proper functioning of the pancreas and liver, which in turn helps correct the blood sugar levels in the body. You can drink the herb by making a tea or simply by adding the powdered root to a glass of milk. This may be taken twice daily.

4. Parsley

Much like the dandelion root, parsley aids in keeping the liver and pancreas running smoothly. Parsley can be added to a smoothie or the juice from the leaves can be enjoyed on its own. It can also be made into a tea and drank once a day.

5. Gentian Root

Gentian root boosts the sugar level in the body, resulting in almost immediate relief of the symptoms of hypoglycemia. It can be made into a tea by dipping the root into boiling water. The root has a strong bitter flavor, so you may need to add a teaspoon of honey (which will also help with your low blood sugar). Drink once a day.

6. Tomatoes

Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is a potent antioxidant which aids the liver and pancreas in functioning normally. As with the dandelion root and parsley, this effective functioning of the liver and pancreas in turn results stabilizing the body’s blood sugar. Drink tomato juice twice daily. If you can’t stand the taste of tomato juice, try incorporating more tomatoes into all of your meals.

7. Licorice Root

By strengthening the adrenal glands, this super-root helps stabilize the body’s blood-sugar. It elevates blood-sugar levels without creating unnecessary insulin. Licorice root can be taken in capsule form, 2-4 capsules, twice a day. In addition, take 2 capsules when you feel the effects of hypoglycemia (such as shakiness, weakness).

8. Sunflower Seeds

An excellent source of polyphenols that help remove destructive bodies from the pancreas and liver, sunflower seeds are an excellent option for hypoglycemia sufferers. Sunflower seeds make for an easy snack that can be eaten daily to help maintain a healthy blood-sugar level. The seeds can also be made into a powder and added to a glass of water for quicker consumption.

9. Pumpkin Seeds

Like apples, pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, as well as iron and manganese. Pumpkin seeds also help regulate the functioning of the kidneys, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level in the body. As with sunflower seeds, you can easily snack on these seeds throughout the day, or the seeds can be powdered and added to milk or water.


For individuals that suffer from hypoglycemia, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet and eat regularly. Including the items listed above, a healthy diet for the prevention of hypoglycemia should include plenty of protein, whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables. Be sure to keep some of these 9 items listed above close at hand when blood sugar levels may drop suddenly.




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