Obviously, not many people consider fishing as physical activity. Whether you’re a match angler or just enjoy catching some fish, fishing improves mental and physical well-being. In fact, it’s said to strengthen muscle tone, improve overall fitness, and burn calories. This exciting hobby makes you feel better during and after the activity. Therefore, to help you get started, you need to learn the 7 reasons why fishing is good for your health.

Keeps You Fit

Fishing involves whole body workout and movement, from the heart to the lungs to the main muscle groups. Also, setting up, and casting off engages the shoulders, arms, back, legs, and the core. Plus, there are plenty of activities you can do while fishing like the boulder hopping, climbing in the rough terrain, or wading against the current in a stream. Generally, fishing helps build strength in the calves, ankles, shins, and feet while burning around 600 to 1400 calories.

All physical activities and exercises have both immediate and long-term effects on one’s health, including reducing the risk of disease.

Improves Immune System

Spending a few hours in the sun is the best way to gain vitamin D. Vitamin D not only regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, but it also helps improve the immune system. Additionally, it plays a major part in bone formation and other biological activities. A strong immune system helps the body fight against diseases. Countries that experience low sunlight all year long, most of its people tend to develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Supplementation and use of lamps to mimic the sun remain their only option if they want to have enough vitamin D in their bodies. Therefore, if you live in an area with natural sunlight, why don’t you spend a few hours fishing to increase your vitamin D levels?

Reduces Stress

Over 40 percent of adults lack enough sleep due to stress, but being around water lowers anxiety. Several organizations are using fishing as a way of treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Stepping out of our busy and stressful lifestyle is needed for a healthy mind, which is way more important than physical health even though many people neglect it.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Fishing can’t make you lose much weight, but it can improve your overall health. Physically active people lower their risk of having high blood pressure by 50 percent compared to inactive people. However, this doesn’t mean you go running every single day, light activities like fishing can help lower that risk too. High blood pressure is associated with strokes, heart attack, or other health complications. What’s more, medications can cause harmful side effects, which is why you need to exercise regularly. Researchers say that thirty minutes per week of fishing can improve overall health and blood pressure.

Promotes Patience

While fishing, not often do you drop your line and hook a fish unless you’re extraordinarily lucky. Thus, fishing will automatically test your patience and concentration levels too. There are days when you’ll have to go home empty-handed, having spent several hours trying to catch a single fish. Being persistent and not giving up makes you more patient, and the next time you go fishing, you might end up making a catch.

Calms the Mind Down

Just like meditation, being out fishing calms the body hence decreasing depression and anxiety. Fishing disconnects the body from things like radio blaring, ringing phones, blinking inboxes, news, traffic jams, and many more. That’s why it’s described as a silent hobby where you get to hear only the sounds of frogs, waves, and birds. Other brain benefits include helping with memory problems and cognitive decline. Scientific suggest challenging our brains with mental stimulation activities in order to leave the brain healthy and operating at light speed. Try to meditate on your way to the fishing area to further calm you and enhance your ability to get into a flow state while fishing. Fishing is a simple task but it can have a tremendous impact on how your brain functions.

Improves Coordination

As you grow older, your body starts to lose coordination and balance. Loss of balance can result in fractured bones, which can take longer to heal. Fishing demands you stand carefully on a boat to avoid falling into the water. Also, when you make your catch, you’ll need to balance, otherwise, you’ll lose your fish. For you to balance, you need core strength and flexibility both of which eliminate back pain and can be achieved by fishing regularly. Since fishing requires the brain and other body parts to be in sync, you get to improve your coordination power by performing this activity often.

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