7 Green and White Teas You Need to Try

Organically grown green and white teas are typically stimulating, delicious and flavorful. They have provided numerous health benefits for thousands of years, and were commonly used in many ancient tea cultures and ceremonies.

Green and White Teas

Green and white teas offer a wide variety of health benefits which are shared among the different types of teas. They contain antioxidants and flavonoids that provide a huge boost to the immune system, as well as your general health and well-being. Many of the following teas provide benefits in the following ways:

  • Fight free radicals that can cause high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Prevents calcium loss
  • Promotes weight loss by burning fat faster
  • Detoxes the body of dangerous toxins
  • Fights diabetes
  • Repairs skin damage
  • Inhibit Alzheimer’s and other mental cognitive disorders
  • Improves memory and mental focus

1. Formosa Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong Tea is from Taiwan, and is known for being a darker style of Oolong tea. It has a fruity flavor and aids the body in many things, including weight loss, immune system health, high blood pressure and works well with diabetes treatments.

2. Gunpowder Green Tea

Named for its close resemblance to pellets for gunpowder in the 17th century, Gunpowder Green Tea is a strong, hearty tea known for its unique taste. It brews to a dark color that stands out boldly, and has a mildly bitter flavor.

3. Pu’erh Tea

Harvested by hand, Pu’erh Tea is grown both wildly and semi-wildly in the Yunnan province of China. It’s considered ‘cooked’ due to the color transformation from green-gold to black-red during the natural fermentation process. It brews a deep red color, and delivers an earthy, smoky and mossy taste.

4. Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea literally means ‘finely powdered tea’, and it’s made from young green tea leaves. It has historically been used in Japanese tea drinking ceremonies. It is beloved for its mildly sweet flavor. Find more information about matcha tea here.

5. Dao Ren Tea

Dao Ren Tea is named for the Dao Ren Peak in China’s Zhejiang province. It has a lengthy history, and has been used for its numerous health benefits for centuries. It produces a delicate fruity drink.

6. Ancient Forest Tea

Ancient Forest Tea can only be brewed from tea plants in the Yunnan province of China. They are found in a protected ancient growth of plants ranging from 500 to 2,700 years old. It brews into a delightful flavor with a unique aroma.

7. White Silver Needle Tea

White Silver Needle Tea is the rarest, finest tea in the world. Harvested for 2 days during Spring, the buds are hand-picked before they are opened and dried right after they are pulled from the plant. The leaves are unique in appearance, with frosty white hairs and smooth feel. The tea produces a light golden brew with a sweet floral finish that is both refreshing and soft.


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