If you’ve been trying to lose belly fat, you know how uphill the task can be. By now, you must have learned that there’s no magic wand to give you that flat and slim waist. It takes a combination of exercises and certain foods to get there. Even so, you still have to work hard and stay committed to your workout routines. But don’t be discouraged. In today’s post, we talk about some of the superfoods that can actually help you lose belly fat.

Peanut Butter

Packing with eight grams of proteins and up to four grams of fiber per serving, peanut butter is a healthy snack to help fill you up and keep you satiated. The best peanut butter is homemade. You can use just the right amount of salt, and you’re guaranteed there are no additives. If that’s not an option, be sure to carefully check the labels when buying peanut butter from stores.

Some of them may contain additives that are harmful to your health. Good peanut butter should only contain peanuts and salt.


The avocado fruit packs up to 10 grams of healthy monosaturated fats in one-half. These fats help to stop a spike in your blood sugar that in turn leads to fat storage in your midsection. Avocados also help absorb carotenoids, the cancer-fighting compounds found in colorful fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and squash.

The healthy omega 3s and 6s found in avocado regulate how quickly glucose enters your cells and provide long-burning energy that keeps your hunger in check.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are not only flavorful, but they are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Macadamia nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which help keep your waistline in check. Research by the Reina Sofia University Hospital discovered that people who consumed macadamia nuts regularly improved their insulin sensitivity. 

Hazelnuts are also rich in monounsaturated fats, with a cup of chopped hazelnuts containing around 52 grams of these healthy fats. Other types of nuts that you can snack on at any time of the day include almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.

Seeds like pumpkin seeds are known to provide fiber and immune-boosting zinc. Pumpkins seeds contain up to seven grams per snack-sized serving, making them a great addition to most diets. They are also rich supplies of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for muscle repair and rebuilding.

Sunflower seeds give you the daily dose of magnesium that helps the body release fat from its stores. Flaxseeds are also rich in fiber, the fat-blasting component that you must take in plenty. In addition, just one tablespoon of flaxseeds contains around 2.3 grams of fat-melting ALA.

Sprouted Bread

White bread is usually your worst enemy when trying to shrink that belly. However, whole grain bread can work wonders for your waistline. Apart from having a rich flavor, the grains in the bread supply your body with plentiful minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B, vitamin C, folate, and amino acids.

Whole-grain bread is also rich in fiber, which has direct ties to weight loss. So, ditch the white bread and reach for the sprouted bread the next time you want to make sandwiches.


Eggs make for delicious meals. These highly versatile and healthy foods are rich in muscle-building protein and fat-burning choline. The yolk is said to contain the highest amount of choline, a component that’s been found to reduce BMI, as well as, levels of leptin, the hunger hormone.

The high protein content in eggs also fills you up fast and keeps you full longer, preventing you from overeating.


Greek yogurt has long been hyped for its ultra-rich creaminess and protein punch. However, Kefir is on another level. Not only is it satiating, thanks to the high protein levels, but it’s also filled with probiotics that can help you win your weight loss battles.

One study found that good bacteria boosted the breakdown of fat molecules in mice and prevented them from gaining weight. While this study was conducted on rats, there’s nothing wrong with increasing our intake of kefir. The high amounts of probiotics can also help ease your bloated stomach.

For those who don’t know this, kefir is a cultured dairy byproduct, but it’s creamier and has a smooth consistency.

Green Tea

Green tea has long been associated with fat-burning effects and continues to gain popularity among health-conscious people around the world. One study by Japanese researchers found that participants who consumed 690 mg (about one bottle) of catechins, the powerful ingredient in green tea, registered significantly lower BMIs and smaller waist measurements than the group that didn’t sip.

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which studies reveal can effectively reduce belly fat.

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