Almonds are rich in minerals, fiber, vitamins, and protein which are essential in providing nutritional value in our bodies. Almond oil has many uses, especially when it comes to skin and hair care products. What most people don’t realize, however, is that the health benefits of almond oil go beyond the beauty world.

What Exactly Is Almond Oil?

Almonds appear as seeds which are found at the center of almond fruits. Almond oil, which forms the highest percent of the almond seed, is extracted through a process called refining. The unrefined almonds contain high nutritional value compared to the refined ones and can be consumed in the form of milk, ground to flour or eaten whole.

There are of two varieties of almond oil:

  • The sweet almond
  • The bitter almond

The sweet almond is refined to remove toxins present in the almond skin making it is safe for consumption. They can also be used to produce oils and cosmetics. The bitter variety contains high levels of hydrogen cyanide which is poisonous. However, it is believed to have medical properties. Let’s dive into the health benefits of almond oil.

Nutritional Benefits

Almond oil contains vitamin E and small traces of Vitamin K. One tablespoon of almond oils contains 119 calories, 26% of Vitamin E, and 13.5g of fats just to mention a few. The presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in the oil helps to lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol and maintain the ‘good’ cholesterol. The antioxidant property in almond oil also helps in cardiovascular problems. It’s advisable to use the unrefined or virgin oils for salad dressing or as a finishing oil in order to add extra flavor and nutrients. The refined oil can be used for roasting since it can withstand high temperatures.

For Healing Scars and Stretch Marks

After an operation, it’s proven that daily application of almond oil can help heal the scar. This shows that almond oil plays a big role in speeding the healing of any kind of scar. For stretch marks, the oil restores the connective tissues which may be damaged by the overstretching effects of the skin.

Almond Oil Skin Benefits

Almond oil is widely used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Also, it soothes the skin and treats minor cuts. Almond oil has an antibacterial property which is essential in the treatment of acne. Apart from giving skin a silky glowing look, it also improves skin complexion. Almond oil can be used for chapped lips and is a good remedy for dry skin. If you have a dry skin, massage almond oil gently onto your skin several times a day.

Additionally, almond oil locks in moisture to help keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Ensure you apply almond oil after showering for better results. Almond oil is also recognized and used widely as a massage oil. It spreads easily on your skin because it’s light and thin. This means that it doesn’t get absorbed quickly, thus no need for reapplication.

Benefits of Almond Oil for the Hair

Almond oil is not only essential for the skin, but it’s also beneficial for your hair. Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin B-7, or biotic, which helps in strengthening your hair to give it that healthy look. Almond oil easily soaks into your skin making it ideal for scalp treatment. Similarly, you can use almond oil to cleanse the hair follicles. If your hair breaks, applying a generous amount of almond oil for several weeks will restore its strength and make it feel smooth.

Colon Cleansing and Anti-Colon Cancer

Taking a few drops of almond oil before you go to sleep helps to cleanse your colon. Add four to six drops of almond oil to a glass of milk or juice. This helps to clean your bowel throughout the night, hence relieving any signs of constipation. It’s also believed that almond oil has a protective effect on the colon. Daily consumption of almond oil can decrease the risk of developing colon cancer.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Face

Applying a few drops of almond oil underneath your eye can help treat sagging eyelids. For the face, massage the oil directly to get rid of wrinkles and smoothen your skin. For better results sleep with the oil still on. Almond oil promotes blood circulation near the eyes and reduces eye strain.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits of almond oil. From improving skin health to controlling cholesterol levels in your body, it’s a product you don’t want to miss in your kitchen. However, there are people who are allergic to almond oil. In such cases, experts recommend that you avoid taking foods containing almond oil.

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  • Alex | BigBlueWaves Wellness  December 8, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Lucas!

    While almond oil has amazing topical uses and benefits, I would still focus on whole almonds for consumption.

    They contain much more nutrients compared with oil and they are absolutely delicious 🙂

    Bitter almonds, like apricot kernels, contain amygdalin, which is surrounded by many controversies. It contains cyano-group (CN) but it’s perfectly safe for consumption. In fact, you will find it in pharmacy stores as an isolated vitamin B17.

    Claims about its health benefits may also be exaggerated, but it’s definitely not poisonous and lethal.

    Best wishes!


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