Dogs are man’s best friend. Almost everybody has a dog at home. Even when the parents do not fancy pets, the kids might do. The dog is one of the most common pets, especially for kids, although they can be troublesome at times and can give the owner some tough times. There are many unique characteristics in dogs such as the legendary smell. A dog can smell from afar when you have their most wanted snacks. We can train and correct dogs, in case they misbehave. There are many things your dog will do and will surely annoy you but look deep into your pet’s eyes and know if the pet is truly sorry or not. At times, we misinterpret the dog’s behavior for something else and as such can further provoke us. Below are some of the dog behaviors that don’t mean what you think.

Sad Eyes

When your pet displays its sad eyes, you feel somehow but why not consider some other reason why the dog is showing you this? If your dog turns its head away and at the same time keeping his gaze on you so that you can see the white part of his eyes at the bottom of his eye, this means he is feeling uneasy or stressed about the current situation. In this case, what you think to be “I’m sorry” means “I’m not cool with all that is happening.”

Smacking Lips

After coming back from work, you found your dog with the food he shouldn’t have eaten. You got angry and gave out to your dog. Then you realize your dog is licking his lips and at times holds the empty can of the package he shouldn’t have eaten which almost looks like your pet is enjoying the memory of the goodies. But this kind of tongue licking is also referred to as “lizard tongue” and is a typical calming signal that pets, especially dogs, exhibit when feeling stressed or when trying to reduce a tense situation. In short, when you scold your dog, and he starts to lick his lips, you know what it means now. He is not guilty.

Hunched Over Body and Tucked Tail

When your dog lies down on his back showing you his stomach (almost comma shaped), raising his paw and tucking in his tail this means he is using all his body to say “I’m not pleased with what is happening.” The posture is termed as an appeasement signal which states that your dog is trying to appease his owner to prevent further escalation or punishment.

Avoiding Contact and Head Down

This is another behavior people misinterpret. When your dog is avoiding eye contact by lowering his gaze and looking in other directions, this doesn’t mean the dog is extremely sorry for what he has done and trying to say sorry. This reaction is a body language in dogs which means “I’m stressed or nervous about his owner’s reaction.

Submissive Grin

When a dog pulls back his lips, showing his front teeth, which looks like some sort of smile, it is another way scolded dogs communicate with his owner saying he is not a threat. The submissive grin is often accompanied by squinty eyes and licking lips as if the sun is disturbing his gaze. This look is unlike other guilty looks because usually, the dog looks directly at his owner as he exhibits it.

Belly Show

Many dogs respond to their punishments by flopping onto their back and presenting their stomach, usually with a rapid wagging tail and curved front paws. Owners do think the dog is requesting a belly rub, but it means another thing entirely. It is another submissive pose in which your guilty dog is trying to soothe you since he knows you are not happy. This position is merely indicating that he wants to diffuse the tense situation.


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