Regular gym users often develop bad habits that hinder their progress. We’re not talking about hogging equipment or leaving a trail of bodily fluids around the gym. Those are annoying habits that no one should have to endure. The five bad habits that need to be stopped are things that ruin your workout while you’re in the gym, as well as a collection of behaviors outside of the gym that stop you making the most of your session. What you should do to prepare for the gym isn’t obvious, especially if you’re an infrequent visitor to the place.

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Are you hitting the gym each morning at 5AM so that you can reduce your weight? If you’re forcing yourself out of bed before you’ve had a full night’s sleep, you might be contributing to the problem you’re trying to remedy in the gym. A lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling irritable and tired, but it can also increase your appetite. If you end up eating more through a lack of sleep, is your workout having the desired effect?

Recovery Time

Your body needs time to get used to exercising. Don’t push yourself too far too soon or you will be undoing a lot of the good work you’re putting in at the gym. If you run too hard, too soon on the exercise machine, you might take a few days to recover which could mean that you have to miss your next scheduled trip to the gym. It’s the same story if you try to lift too much weight. You need to give your body time to adjust to changes when you begin to push it through more rigorous exercise.


Diet is the key to looking and feeling better. If you eat too many simple carbs and processed foods, including sugar, you’ll need to work out hard to see any real benefit. Eating food like that puts you behind before you hit the gym so prepare for a session by eating well all the time. Whole foods like vegetable, fruit, grains, and protein will help you develop muscle tone and gain strength. These foods help you feel at your best so you can give your utmost during your workout.

Form and Technique

If you don’t use the proper technique, your exercise won’t be as effective, but if you don’t use the right form, you might end up causing yourself an injury. In case you’re new to the gym, or if you’re beginning a new exercise, ask for advice from professionals to avoid this common mistake. If there’s no one to ask, check out the web on your phone before, during or after the exercise. If you don’t get it right the first time, you won’t normally find yourself in too many problems but if you maintain the wrong form session after session, you’ll injure your body.

Same Workout

How many of us go to the gym and do the same workout over and over? It’s pretty normal to do that because after a while you know that what you’re doing is safe and having a benefit to you, but doing the same exercise is not the best way to gain optimal fitness. Doing the same exercise each time will stop benefiting you as your muscles plateau. Changing it up also keeps you interested. Don’t underestimate how important your mental engagement is. If you’re losing motivation, you won’t work out as well.


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