10 Foods that Are High In Potassium

Potassium is a crucial element that is needed for our bodies to function properly. It is especially essential to the health of our kidneys and heart. Low potassium may be associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, and even infertility.

Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium deficiency is especially common in those that are athletes, physically active for their jobs, or smoke. Needless to say, it is extremely important to make sure your body has the potassium it needs to be performing at its best.

Cooked White Beans

Generally speaking, all beans are relatively high in potassium. One cup of white beans, however, serves up 1004 mg of potassium, about 29% of the recommended daily value (DV). They are also full of protein, which means they will keep you full longer and will not increase your blood sugar level.

Baked Potato

A whole baked potato (Yukon, Gold, Russet), will provide you with about 26% DV of your potassium needs (925 mg). At only 161 calories per whole potato, you have little to lose by adding potatoes to your diet more often.


Packing in 975 mg, the average avocado provides you with 25% of your recommended daily value of potassium (almost twice as much as one banana). In addition, it’s full of healthy fats and essential vitamins. Some experts even suggest that avocado can help prevent some types of cancers and even stroke.


Easy to snack on, raisins are an excellent way to get more potassium in your diet. Add some to your trail mix, breakfast breads, oatmeal, or salads. In just ¼ cup, you’ll get not only 23% DV of potassium, but also 250 mg of vitamin K.

Tomato Sauce

You might not think that tomato sauce would be full of potassium, but this power food can provide you with about 20% DV of potassium. One cup has only about 75 calories and over 900 mg of potassium. Be wise about which one you choose, however, avoiding selections with high amounts of sodium and sugar. If you can swing it, opt for the organic or all-natural option. Even better, try making your own from fresh tomatoes and keep the recipe simple.


Rich in vitamin A, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein, clams are also low in calories and high in potassium (about 628 mg of potassium for 100g of clams, or 18% DV).


Fat free yogurt not only helps you with digestion and maintaining healthy bones, but also delivers about 18% DV of potassium in just one cup.


Not only is papaya delicious, but it is chock-full of nutritional benefits. Papaya is recognized as a natural anti-inflammatory and laxative, in addition to its high potassium content. One papaya delivers 119 calories and 718 mg of potassium (about 16% DV).


Finally something with a little more protein to incorporate into your potassium diet! One 3-oz filet will cost you only 155 calories, but provide you with 534 mg of potassium (about 15% DV).

White Mushrooms

A great item to add to your tomato sauce (above), white mushrooms can easily be incorporated into your everyday diet, either in pasta, salads, or sandwiches. One cup of white mushrooms packs in 428 mg of potassium (14% DV) and just 28 calories.

As always, it is important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. If, however, you are still not getting enough potassium every day, try incorporating one or more of the above items into your daily routine, and your potassium levels will start to climb.


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