Medicinal Uses of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris)

The taproot part of the beet is referred to as the beetroot. Beetroot is both used for food and medicinal uses. From Middle Ages onwards, beetroot was regarded as a treatment for various illnesses and conditions, particularly those illnesses related to blood and digestion.

The beet plant consists of a round, firm vegetable purple in color from which extends beetroots that are dark purple and have leaves at the ends. The beetroot stays fresher longer than its counterparts and is therefore used more.

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot contains a powerful antioxidant, betacyanin, which carries blood purifying and cancer-fighting properties.

  • It is a great source of iron. This is an essential vegetable, especially for those who are anemic and have an iron deficiency. Beet consumption does great to help you build up healthy levels of blood in your system.
  • There’s research that supports that consumption of beetroot increases your body’s natural defenses in protecting the liver by regenerating immune cells.
  • Besides the liver, beetroot’s cleansing properties extend to other organs, such as the spleen, gallbladder, and kidney. This is due to its ability to help the body naturally detox.
  • Beetroot also does wonders in keeping your skin, hair, nails and even your bones healthy and resilient.
  • It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, like silica, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

How to Use

To prepare beetroot, separate the bulb from its counterparts, and then wash it under cold water. Just like that, it is ready for consumption. You can choose to cut the root into small pieces or keep it in one piece.

Beetroot can be eaten raw or boiled and can be incorporated into many dishes.

It is also available in capsule and powder form at local health food stores.

To store beetroot to preserve its freshness, cut the root closest to the leaves and refrigerate. In the refrigerator, this tuber can stay fresh for 4 or 5 days.


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