Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Acne for Good

Most of us have experienced an acne outbreak at least once in our life. Some are fortunate enough to have occasional blemishes while others deal with ongoing breakouts. It is distressing to have zits on the skin, especially on the face. And what is more disturbing is not getting flawless skin despite all the over-the-counter products and treatments available.

It is true that acne prevention is not an overnight miracle cure. The process of clearing away all those acne spots takes time. But, if you incorporate a few changes in your lifestyle, you could see your pimples vanish in 9-10 weeks.

1. Exercise Daily

Physical activity speeds up the heartbeat and increases the circulation of blood to the skin. This process, in return, assists in the formation of collagen fibre and boosts skin cell production. Also, when you exercise, your body releases feel-good chemicals, known as endorphins, that keep stress levels lower and helps in staying away from stress-related acne and wrinkles. Exercising regularly for at least 25-30 minutes will help prevent acne on the face and other body parts such as back, chest and shoulders.

2. Mindful Eating

It is best to take note of what you are eating to identify foods that cause acne. Some foods may affect your skin health and can make acne worse. You can achieve clear skin by including organic fruits, veggies, whole grains, herbal teas and proteins in your diet and cut back on highly processed foods and dairy products. Nutritious foods not only help your skin cells regenerate faster, but are also beneficial for your overall health.

3. Shower After a Workout

While exercising, sweat mixes with dirt, dust, make-up and natural body oils that if not cleaned regularly will fill the pores, resulting in acne breakout and blackheads. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse sweat off your body after every workout to kill bacteria, remove dead skin cells, and lower oil-production.

To avoid sweat damage to your skin, be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and shampoo hair to control oil production. Also, exfoliate your face a few times in a week with a mild scrubbing product to slough off dead skin cells that cause blemishes and pimples.

4. Clean Your Fabric

Any cloth that comes in contact with your skin every day–towels, workout clothes, bed sheets, pillow cases–should be washed within 10 days to avoid bacteria and oil that build up over time. Also, wear loose-fitting cotton clothing for your exercise as it is comfortable, lighter and more breathable.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is the easiest thing you can do to get a radiant and pimple-free skin. It helps to detoxify the body, metabolize the food you eat and hydrate the skin. It is believed that drinking two cups of water increases metabolic rate and boosts blood flow throughout the body.

6. Keep Your Cell Phone Clean and Germ-Free

Study says that cell phones have a high rate of germs and bacteria. Prevent bacteria from reaching your skin by cleaning your phone’s surface with a hand sanitizer every day. Try to keep the screen away from your face or hold it loosely against the skin. If possible, use headphones or speakerphones.

7. Never Pop Pimples With Bare Hands

Don’t squeeze pimples or pick at blackheads with bare fingers as it can lead to infection. Touching your skin will allow the dirt, oil and bacteria on your hands to stick all over it and make your face more susceptible to acne outbreaks and infection.

8. Get Proper Rest

When we sleep, our muscles relax, and our body gets enough time to renew and replenish its skin cells. Insufficient sleep leads to an increase in stress levels that may produce glucocorticoid, which is responsible for causing several skin abnormalities. Therefore, go to bed at around the same time every night and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Also, don’t forget to remove your makeup before sleeping.

Although acne is not a serious health problem, living with such, particularly if it is persistent, can have a devastating effect on your mental and physical health. Scientists have found that acne sufferers are more likely to fall into the trap of stress, hopelessness and glumness. And stress, in turn, aggravates the acne. Therefore, keep yourself stress-free by doing something you enjoy and include these little lifestyle changes to achieve the clear, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.


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  • sarah john  March 22, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    Acne is the common issue faced by many including me and I am worried about my looks because the acne leaves ugly marks. I am happy that you have shared the methods to treat and prevent acne, I will surely try these. Thanks for sharing!

  • Constance Bradley PhD, LAc  May 12, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Lovely article! I see so many patients in my acupuncture practice who suffer from acne. I always reinforce the idea that lifestyle changes in tandem with acupuncture and herbs will get rid of acne for good!


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