10 Holistic and Alternative Medical Practitioners Who Died Unexpectedly

An estimated 108 people die every minute worldwide. While every death is a tragedy, most are not considered newsworthy. They pass under the radar, unremarkable (or at the very least unreported). However, when a particular group of people are dying under questionable circumstances, their deaths deserve—demand, even—our attention.

Holistic and Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Over the past few years, a large number of holistic and alternative medicine practitioners have died unexpectedly. The Health Nut has an ‘Holistic Doctor Death Series’, which has the death toll at over sixty.

Their deaths have officially been passed off as either coincidental or suicide, but some of their families have hired private investigators. For the most part, they’ve all reached the same conclusions: without a doubt, many of these deaths were murder.

Many journalists have picked up on this disturbing trend, and awareness is spreading. In an encouraging development, some of the local law enforcement agencies have approached the FBI in continuing with these cases. So who are some of the doctors who have died, and under what circumstances?

1. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD, was outspoken in the anti-vaccine movement and claimed that he was able to cure children with autism, cancer, and other maladies with protein shots. Such injections are a form of the GcMAF method and fall under naturopathic medicines—practices that focus on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

His body was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest a day after his office was raided by authorities, who were looking into his research. Another overseas clinic that he was affiliated with was also subject to raids, so when Dr. Bradstreet’s body was found in a North Carolina River in June 2015, there was immediate suspicion.

Dr. Bradstreet’s death has been ruled suicide, but at least one family member has conferred with a private forensic scientist and still believes it to have been murder. In fact, the investigator believes that the murder was intentionally set up to look like suicide by someone with military or law enforcement training.

2. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor was another confirmed holistic practitioner who focused on developing a cure for cancer. He also authored six books, with a focus on how the environment affects human health. In September 2015, his body was found in the woods near his home in New York. The cause of death has been ruled as suicide.

3. Dr. Theresa Sievers

Also in June 2015, Dr. Theresa Sievers was murdered by two men. Certified as a transcutaneous acupuncturist, and increasingly interested in healing methods with a focus on energy, Dr. Sievers was reportedly known as the “Mother Theresa of Florida”.

4. Alfredo Darrington Bowman “Dr. Sebi”

Dr. Sebi, whose real name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman, was, in fact, an herbalist and self-taught healer rather than a certified doctor. He was arrested on charges of money laundering in Honduras and died in police custody in 2016. Dr. Sebi, who was 82 at his time of death, had worked on developing a natural cure for cancer, diabetes, and AIDS.

5. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD

Originally believed to have died of an unexpected heart attack, it has been discovered that Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, was in fact murdered. Dr. Gonzalez (who was developing ‘The Gonzalez Protocol’, which involved using natural medicines to cure cancer) often stated shortly before his death that Big Pharma wanted him to be hit by a bus.

6. Dr. Abdul Karim

Having allegedly left his home in the early evening to train for an upcoming marathon, Dr. Abdul Karim’s body was found by a passerby the following morning in July 2015.

Dr. Karim was a beloved member of his community as a holistic dentist, and friends, as well as patients, have challenged the official story of a massive heart attack being the cause of death.

7. Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside

Having left his home for a walk in late June 2015, Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside was reported missing and his body found conveniently close by a few weeks later.

Many of the facts reported in mainstream media simply don’t add up: there were several volunteers in the search party, which also included bloodhounds, drones, and even planes. Even the local newspapers have admitted that the entire investigation is a huge mess and the lack of details a cause of major concern.

8. Dr. John Marshall, MD

Dr. John Marshall was a beloved practitioner who previously had experience as a 4th generation marine, so when Seattle police almost immediately declared his cause of death to be accidental drowning while out for a run, a lot of eyebrows were raised. Dr. Marshall’s wife has hired a private investigator to look into the matter.

9. Dr. Rod Floyd

A clinical professor at Palmer Chiropractor College and renowned holistic practitioner, Dr. Rod Floyd was found dead in his Florida home. While the official take is that he committed suicide, and Dr. Floyd’s wife hasn’t yet ruled out the possibility that it may have been an accident, his death (which supposedly occurred in his sauna) has raised some suspicions, especially when his good health is taken into account.

10. Paige Adams FNP, B-C

Paige Adams was a close colleague of Dr. Bradstreet for many years, and although not a medical doctor herself, she was well loved in the holistic and alternative medicine community. She was found dead in her home a few months after Dr. Bradstreet, and her youth adds to the extreme shock of her loss.

Last Words

As Erin Elizabeth, the reporter for The Health Nut, has put it, while the series of deaths are a major cause of concern in and of themselves (there’s also been a lot of related attacks and murders in Geneva during this time), the most suspicious aspect of the entire story is the mainstream media’s apparent silence on the matter.

The media usually jump onto such stories, partially because they sell so well. But very little has been said about the numerous attacks on holistic and alternative medicine practitioners over the past few years, let alone the deaths.


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