7 Herbal Books for Aspiring Herbalists

If you’re a novice herbalist looking to expand your knowledge, you will want to have a small library of legitimate, well-known herbal books to turn to. Of course, the internet is full of advice and knowledge, and can usually be very helpful. However, it can require a decent amount of time and effort digging through the internet to find what you’re looking for, and then takes more time to make sure it’s credible information.

Herbal Books: Learn Herbal Medicine

Below is a list of well-vetted, well-known, and reliable resources that are great to keep on hand for aspiring and professional herbalists alike.

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, by Rosemary Gladstar

This is an extremely comprehensive and well-written book for beginners. An excellent starter book, this work will help you get down the herbal basics and will provide you with information on some of the most common ailments and herbal remedies.

The Green Pharmacy and The Green Pharmacy Handbook, James A. Duke, PhD

Dr. Duke was one of the most-renowned botanists, and this book holds much of the knowledge gained over his thirty year career of working with plants. The Green Pharmacy is a thorough reference that allows you to look up an ailment and find appropriate herbs for treatment. Dr. Duke also wrote The Green Pharmacy Handbook which has more information on specific herbs.

Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals, Stephen Harrod Buhner

These two books respectively provide information on the most common herbs that act as antibiotics and antivirals. These are both excellent resources to turn to when the flu or other common viruses hit. You can also look up some of the most common infections and keep those herbs on hand for when you need them quickly.

Organic Body Care Recipes, Stephanie Tourles

This book is focused more on the cosmetic side of herbs and educates you on herbal remedies for healthy hair and skin. If you’re looking to start making your own skin care, makeup, or hair products at home, this book is definitely recommended.

The How to Herb Book, Velma Keith, et al

This book is an excellent resource for those seeking to live a natural, wholesome life. With recipes for specific remedies, directions on herbal preparations, and additional information on nutrients needed by the body, this book covers all of the basics and more.

It’s very exciting once you decide to incorporate more herbs into your life. Whether you aim to be an herbal healer, or just intend to use herbs once in awhile, it is crucial to have correct information to guide your use of herbs. You especially want a good reference book that you can turn to for the answer to any herbal or ailment query, or turn to herbal DVDs. With any of these resources discussed above, you really can’t go wrong.

Each of these books will provide you with valuable information on how to use herbs to treat various ailments and improve your body naturally.



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